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:: family vacation 2013 part 3 ::

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Fuhhh... I have finally come to the last part of our family vacation story and here goes...

On Friday, 29.03.2013 we arrived back in Hong Kong from Shenzhen and checked in at the first hotel we stayed, the Newton Place Hotel. When we went to Shenzhen we did not bring the entire luggage because the hotel offered luggage storage service for only HKD10 per bag so we retrieved back our bags and had our lunch. During the vacation we actually brought together a mini rice cooker, a multipurpose kettle, instant noodles and a lot of Brahim's packed dishes so MIL cooked rice and we all ate in the hotel room. After Zohor prayer we went out to explore the city for the last time so we decided to go to Victoria Peak. From the nearest MTR station, Ngau Tau Kok we had to change the train route once and stopped at Central Station. From there we had to walk up the hill (around 10-15 minutes walking distance) to the Peak Tram Station but surprised to see such a very long queue. The Peak tram is somehow similar to the hill train at Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang but due to time constraint and long waiting we decided to go up the hill by cab. Despite the experience, it is more cost saving to travel by cab because the fee was around HKD50 per cab whereas a single journey adult ticket by the tram cost HKD28 each and best of all, we managed to reach the top faster and skipped the extremely long queue.

On top of the Victoria Peak there were two buildings located in opposite of each other. One is The Peak Galleria, which is a shopping mall and another is the Peak Tower. In the Peak Tower visitors could view the entire Hong Kong from its sky terrace but we went there because we wanted to go to the Madame Tussauds. An adult entrance ticket is HKD190 but you could buy it in advance from their website and get 10% discount (HKD171). Since we came in a big group we asked for group special price and luckily we got the 10% discount too. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong is very small if compared to the one in London. It was my second visit there so I happily offered to be the photographer and let hubby posed with the 'celebrities'. I only posed mostly with those who are still unavailable during my previous visit such as Robert Pattinson (who doesn't look much like him), Kate and William, Donnie Yen the IP Man and my favourite Lady Gaga. Ady was asleep when we entered the gallery but he was so cheerful after he woke up. Normally he does not like to take photo but that day he was smiling when he peeped through to become the face of a sumo guy.

Hubby with Karen Mok, Andy Lau and Aaron Kwok

Bottom left is myself with Robert Pattinson. Errr I think I prefer Edward Cullen. LOL.

...and here are more photos of us with the 'celebrities'...

After spending few hours on The Peak we went straight to the shopping area in Tsim Sha Tsui which cost us more than HKD100 per cab due to heavy traffic. Tsim Sha Tsui is shoppers' paradise for international brands like Chanel, LV, Longchamp, Burberry, Gucci... just name it all and it is there. For your info branded goods in Hong Kong are duty free so they are said to be cheaper than Malaysia even after currency conversion. I could not do any direct comparison because I did not do any research before the vacation. I bought a handbag though but I have not time to visit the boutique here yet so I am not sure how much the difference is. During my first visit to Hong Kong I did buy a Coach handbag (I never have enough handbag LOL) and it was around RM300 cheaper than Malaysia so I supposed it shoud be cheaper also this time.

It was already late in the evening but we still insisted to do a very last minute shopping before saying goodbye so we took MRT and went back to the first place we visited earlier, the Ladies Market. It was nearly 11 pm when finally returned to the hotel. I slept around 3 something in the morning packing our luggage because there were a lot of new things and these are among the stuff we bought during our 6 days vacation in Hong Kong and Shenzhen...   

Truly a shopper's paradise! ;-)

We arrived Malaysia in the evening of Saturday, 30.03.2013. It was a great, memorable family vacation and I will be glad to visit Hong Kong and Shenzhen again in the future.



With that, I would like to give a fridge magnet / bottle opener from Hong Kong to three (3) lucky readers.

Just write "I WANT A BEAR" in the comment section below with your name and email address before 12:00 noon, Wednesday, 24 April 2013 and I shall pick the lucky winners by randow.

Item will be delivered to your address by post (for Malaysian residence only.)


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