Wednesday, April 17, 2013

:: prince of my heart ::

Top: 06.04.2013  |  Having his favourite Chatime milk tea at The Curve
Bottom: 10.04.2013  |  In the car on the way to school

Ady is 22 months (young) today. My little baby is no longer little! His set of teeth is almost complete and he can also walk, jump, run and dance but until today he still could not talk properly -_- He babbles a lot in his own language though and only say 'nah' (here it is), 'nak' (want) and 'ba' (bus) but he could understand instructions and what people are talking about so I am still not worried because I was a late talker too. Nowadays Ady is more independent and ever since coming back from Hong Kong he is such a happy fella. Since we travelled a lot on bus, Ady is now a big fan of the transportation. He likes holding our London double decker bus fridge magnet and points at bus when ever he sees one.

At times, Ady can play on his own. He really loves car and likes to stack his collection of cars (he got 26 new mini toy cars during our 6-days vacation!) or being a cook at his kitchen play set. Writing about this reminds me about list of how to bring up a child according to gender that people shared on Facebook and one of it stated do not let boy playing girl stuff such as cooking. I would say different people have different opinions but to me, allowing a boy to role play as a cook does not change his gender or personality. Even today many famous chefs are guys and most of them are straight, so I guess what is wrong with cooking for the boys? Unless you let them play with make up or let them wear skirts and dresses, then that is a different story. We bought the kitchen play set in Shenzhen for only Yuan120 (around RM60) and Ady's aunty Dibah, who is my youngest sister also likes playing with it when ever she came to our house. Apart from that Ady also likes riding his mini cars. He has two cars, one is a gift from Opah and Tokwan and another is a gift from his own Papa. If he has a playroom in this house, I bet it is already full with toys. We do control the purchasing though so he would not be too pampered and used to get everything he wants.

Like other children, Ady loves playing at the play ground too especially with the slide so we have now become regular customers at kids gym or play area available at any shopping mall we visited. If we are too tired to hang out at shopping mall we just bring him to the nearest McD and let him play with the slide there. So far the best kids gym we have been to are the one in Setia City Mall and Mid Valley. Both are paid ones with wide range of facilities but these days many shopping malls have prepared free play area for the kids and so far we have been to those in Sunway Pyramid (in front of Cold Storage), The Curve and also in Giant USJ.

He is still into nursery rhymes but he has started to appreciate cartoons on tv. Almost every morning he watches Disney Junior and among his favourites are Bananas in Pyjamas, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Club House, Timmytime and even Hi5 but I noticed that he does not fancy Agent Oso. Nowadays Ady does not play with iPad as often as before. Since 3 - 4 months ago he already knew how to operate any touch screen gadget and play YouTube by his own which is good enough to me. I prefer him to play with the toys to stimulate his senses and broaden his imagination. I could not wait to teach him to draw, well if he is into it-lah. As for now he is more like his father but that is good too. That reminds me to buy a new set of toy hardware tools for him so he could be a handyman, just like his Papa :-)

Ady loves car so much and he rides a Bugatti Veyron :-D

Nowadays trip to the shopping mall is quite tiring for hubby and I because we have to use a lot of energy to curb Ady from running around. He does not like to sit in the stroller so we still takes turn carrying him most of the time or let him walk. We already bought a leash and made him wore it few times in the shopping mall but instead of controlling him from running around to unnecessary place, I ended up running together with him! The leash defeats its purpose so we already stopped using it. Moreover in this country public still could not accept child wearing a leash so imagine how many stares (and even bad remarks) we got. Hmmpph.

For 22 months Ady has been accompanying me every single day without fail and my life has been cherished with his smile, laughter, crying, screaming and shouting. As a woman my life is complete with a king and a prince, and I thank God for such blessing. Alhamdulillah.

Happy 22nd month birthday sayang! No word could describe our joy for having you in our life. Mama and Papa love you so much, and you are always in our doa.
*BIG hug*

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