Thursday, May 16, 2013

:: the best female hygiene wash ::

Previously I have been using this particular brand of feminine hygiene wash but the relationship did not last long because it made my skin dry. I thought I am allergic to hygiene wash so when a friend introduced me to Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash I told her I may not be able to use it. I still took the sample though, gave it a try and who knows, it has been a part of my daily life ever since.

What I like the most about Cosmoderm Manjakani Hygiene Wash is the cooling sensation so it literally gives me this fresh feeling and comparing to the previous hygiene wash, the liquid is highly concentrated. A small blob from the bottle is enough for one use, hence an entire bottle lasts longer although being used everyday so it is a real cost saving. The liquid is brownish in colour and I never question why however I have been told that this is due to concentrated amount of Manjakani inside and that is a good fact because as a woman, Manjakani can helps tightening vagina muscles especially after birth.

Morale of the story: there is no harm in trying a new product because you never know it might suits you really well. For the first timer, Cosmoderm has introduced a 100ml bottle of Manjakani Hygiene Wash at only RM11.90 for you try one. They are also running a contest where you can win a free honeymoon trip with your hubby so that is another good reason to buy one because you never know your luck, right? Here is some details on the contest for reference.

A bottle with 4-in-1 benefits:
> Firming
> Lightening
> Soothing
> Cooling

*Cosmoderm products are available at leading pharmacies (Vitacare, etc) all across Malaysia and can also be bought online. Check out their website for more details.


~YUN~ said...

Tq kak for the info!yun mcm serik nk kai hygiene wash,sbb takut yun pkai gamat hygiene wash je,mayb i should give a try yg ni plk kn.. :)

phatgurl said...

Hi Yun. Try la manjakani wash ni...memang bagus. So far akak sangat berpuas hati :-)

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