Thursday, May 9, 2013

:: handmade studded watch strap ::

One of my favourite watch lost its leather strap last month and I have been planning to change the strap but always forgot to bring it to the shop. Out of nowhere I somehow got this idea to make my own DIY watch strap using whatever items available in my art and crafts box. It was an impromptu idea. Made it last Tuesday and it took me less than 30 minutes to give my old watch a new look.

1. Materials used:
- Strong Glue
- Felt Fabric
- Velcro
- Studs (bought from H&M for RM19.90 per pack - also available in silver and multicolour)
- Watch

2. Cut two straps of felt according to watch size and measure the length according to wrist size. Slip the straps inside the strap holders and glue one end at the back of each strap.

3. Push in the studs into the felt and secure the claws.

4. Front view of the straps with studs.

5. Glue velcro at the end of each strap.

6. All done and ready to go.

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