Thursday, June 6, 2013

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Ten years ago in 2003 I met this gentleman at a car club (ACFK) gathering. I tagged along my friend Rynn just to kill time as we were already at the end of final year study. The gathering took place at Petronas Station Bukit Jalil and there were a lot of guys, of course because it was a Kancil car club. This particular guy caught my attention because his Kancil plate number started with D which represented Kelantan state and Rynn is a Kelantanese. Apparently she has met him earlier because he sold her a replacement car bumper after her car involved in accident. I only said few sentences to him but I can still remember what he wore that night - a blue/grey tshirt with faded jeans.

After awhile the entire group made our way to Awan Besar R&R. Rynn and I had our late dinner (mine was nasi lemak) and we were seating next to that guy's table. I asked him "tak makan ke?" (you're not eating?) but he shook his head with a smile and said he has already eaten. Later after that we had to gather around for somekind of speech before we made our way back to hostel in Cyberjaya. Yeah, in the car Rynn and I did talk about that guy. Not sure why Rynn brought him in our conversation but I can still remember saying this particular statement by referring him with "he got nice teeth" :-D

That night is a history that made "us" today. That is the night when I finally found my soulmate, the sweetest, kindest guy who is now my husband. After many years in friendship and love he has always been the 'one' and on this date 06.06 four years ago we were officially married. We may not have everything in common but one thing I know, we complete each other.

Bee, thank you so much for showering me with all your love. You have been my strongest supporter and my guidance; and I could never thank you enough for everything. I look forward to spending rest of my life with you and may His blessings cherished our relationship till Jannah. Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to US.

With lots of love,
proud wife of yours

P/s: thank you for the wonderful anniversary gifts - the three 'i ♥ u' roses and of course, our cute lil babyAdy ;-)

P/p/s: gonna love you till the end.
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Wa@Wawek@Siti ;) said...

Bergenang okay! Don't know why. Maybe because I'm by myself overseas atm so a lil bit emotional. Anyways, Happy belated anniversary & happy belated birthday to Ady dearest! Hope to meet up someday. Lots of hugs & kisses. May you & your family be blessed always.

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