Sunday, September 15, 2013

:: whuzzup? ::

Hello people. It has been months since my last update. I really miss blogging but what stops me from writing is 'time'. In June I was transferred to another unit and life has no longer been the same. Being in a new team requires me to adapt, learn a lot of new stuff and with a major project that we are currently having, time is one of our 'enemy'. Call me workaholic but I couldn't help to think do work every night and day. There was this day in Ramadhan when I stayed up through out the night doing a presentation slide and ended up knocking someone's car bumper on the next day because I felt asleep for a few seconds at the traffic light. I don't need to mention how tiring and challenging it is (since I'm also a wife and a mother) but despite all these, I do love what I am doing and that keeps the whole thing going.

In these few months, I had the opportunity to travel from one state to another, interact with company's management team, observing qualities that are required to become good leader but one moment that truly inspires me was when I had the opportunity to accompany our company's GCEO for lunch. There were only three of us so I took the chance asking him a question; whether he had ever imagined himself to be at the current position. Maybe I should asked better (and more intelligent) question than that but I did not regret asking because his answer was inspiring and a mind opener. He mentioned about the importance of having value and purpose in life and at work; and when believed we are doing the right things on the right path, good things will come inevitably.

Although I didn't update my blog, I was still active in the social media especially Instagram. I just love Instagram-ing photos especially when they are captured moments of my not-so-little-anymore boy and moments that I would love to remember. Below is a small collection of my Instagram @yatoque photos to recap what has been going on in my life during my hiatus from the blogging world since June.

- Ady pretending to sleep. Not sure about the pouty long lips but he always does that everytime he pretends sleeping :-P
- My new pairs of killer heels bought from trendyfairy. The one with spikes is a weapon in disguise and I am the first victim, now left with scars on both feet -__-
- "a kiss from a furry friend"

- Ady dancing Gangnam Style in diapers and sunglasses
- Few photos of us in Brisbane and Gold Coast (will blog about this later)
- Me featured in Cosmoderm's ad in few local women magazines. Thank you Cosmoderm!
- Raya gifts from BFF during our annual iftar together
- Ady helping Atuk washing his car during a weekend in Seremban
- Food platter Ady sent me for lunch while I was doing office work at our dining table. I was touched.
- Photos of myself while on duty for TM booth at career fair in KL Convention Centre
- Photo of babyAdy captured and printed by sis-in-law. Love the pic!
- Ady helping Papa washing Mama's lil red car :-)

- Few pics of myself as the WonderWoman during our 'superhero' themed annual Group Awards Night held in MMU Cyberjaya
- 17.06.13: Ady turns two!
- Our five kitties (clockwise: Neslo, MiuMiu, Nescafe, Teh Tarik and Milo) having their special weekly dinner
- BFF friendship keychains for each of us. Made these with the girls during our karaoke night-out
- With BFF during our girls' nite out at Redbox The Gardens
- Short visit to i-City Shah Alam with family
- 06.06: Our wedding anniversary
- The day when Ady received his first Thomas play set
- The night when we went up to Genting Highlands for a stroll and coffee / hot choc
- The room in Majestic Malacca: my first out station after many years & first time sleeping without my baby
Selamat Hari Malaysia peeps!


DaZzlingLilLy said...

atie,love ur wonder woman outfit..

phatgurl said...

Auwwww thanks Lilly! :-)

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