Sunday, September 22, 2013

:: handmade fabric flower brooch ::

We had a long weekend last week due to Malaysia Day - 16th September public holiday. It was a fruitful weekend to me because after many months I managed to touch base with my favourite pastime, which is making accessories. The urge of making something usually comes either after I saw inspiring pretty stuff or when ever I'm in need of having one because I want to wear it to an event or to office, but last week was different. I have been craving to produce something because I haven't make one in many, many months. I really missed my hobby and I was truly satisfied when I managed to make these out of whatever fabrics and beads available in my craft box:

The chiffons are leftovers collected from my mother-in-law whereas the black nets were bought for our wedding deco back in 2009 (this is one positive thing of being a hoarder - LOL).
The flower was not difficult to make actually, but the preparation part was a bit boring because I had to cut the fabrics into circles. To ease the process I made a circle-shaped paper guide so I could cut the fabrics faster and easily. Five (5) sets of chiffon fabrics and nets were prepared for the petals and a circle shaped felt was prepared for the base.

Basic "ingredients"

A set of fabric and net was folded into half circle. Each left and right side was folded inside to create a cone shape petal and sewed onto the felt. All five petals were arranged and sewed next to each other to form a complete flower before it was decorated with crystals in the middle and a pin on the back to turn it into a brooch.
The End... and craving managed to be satisfied :-)
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