Sunday, February 16, 2014

:: diy nautical rope belt ::

Sunday is already here and I have been staying up through out the night to maximise my weekend. Life is too short - workloads are killing me softly. I wish time moves slower on Saturday and Sunday so I could spend longer time with my loved ones and also, myself.

Spending time with myself either means surfing the internet, blogging or connecting with my creativity. Nothing much but I hardly get the chance to complete all three during a weekend. Even surfing the internet for casual reading is challenging during weekdays. Ah, put that aside. Let just continue to the most recent DIY project I did during the long weekend of Chinese New Year celebration.

Firstly, the project is actually inspired from this image found on the Internet:

Accesssories made from rope is always in fashion trend. The look is unique and casual, yet can be eye-catching depends on the material, colour and combination. Since a year ago, I have read a number of tutorials for rope necklaces made by DIY queens. During my last visit to the craft shop I finally remember to buy a rope for the project - but instead of necklace I decided to create a belt.
Materials used:
- 1 meter gold rope
- Gold satin ribon
- Rubber strap
- Velcro
- UHU glue
- Needle & thread

Steps involved:
1. Fold the rope once to make it double and knot the rope as in diagram above. One end of the rope is in a loop while another is split end.

2. For the split end, attach ribbon with glue at end of each rope. Measure rubber strap around waist and cut according to comfort. Attach the rubber strap by sewing to the ribbons.

3. At another end, fold the rubber strap into the rope loop. Adjust and attach velcro by sewing to the rubber. The end.

How simple is that? I wish I have bought more ropes in different colours so I could have another belt in two colours combination. Besides that, I am also inspired with this DIY project and thinking of making it.

Rope is surely in my next shopping list!

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