Monday, March 17, 2014

:: recipe: kung pao bilis ::

Two weekends ago husband requested "ikan bilis masak kicap" (fried anchovies in soy sauce) for dinner. I never knew or heard such menu so he explained and told me his friend used to cook it during univ. Apparently the dish is similar to cooking fried egg in soy sauce. I improvised it by using dried chillies though and unexpectedly the dish tasted like kung pao cooking style. My other half loved it so that made me smile from ear-to-ear :-D

Last night I received a request to repeat the same menu for dinner - the 'kung pao bilis' which I decided to name it. Sometimes a simple dish can increase our appetite and the kung pao bilis is that kind of dish. Just serve it with fried eggs and you are good to go. The verdict: everything was clean and clear.

For reference, the recipe is as below. Tips: Use small amount of cooking oil to make the sauce thicker. Last night (pic below) I wanted to have more sauce and the cooking oil was a bit extra.

I love simple, traditional dishes and now I couldn't wait for our "pekasam daging" to arrive.

What is "pekasam daging?"

That I will share later.

Kung Pao Bilis Recipe
- Anchovies
- 1 shallot
- 4 dried chillies
- Sweet soy sauce
- Cooking oil
1. Slice shallot thinly and cut dried chillies evenly (around 1 inch long)
2. Fry anchovies in hot cooking oil until crispy. Remove from pan.
3. Fry shallot slices and dried chillies together until you can smell them
4. Pour sweet soy sauce into the pan and stir
5. After few minutes, turn off the fire and pour the anchovies into the sauce
6. Mix the anchovies with the sauce only for few seconds to sustain crispiness of the anchovies
7. Ready to serve with rice

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