Tuesday, October 19, 2010

:: surprise! (part 2) ::

This is the surprise I was telling about in my previous entry:

It was a cat tunnel for KiKi~!

Hubby made it out of 2 boxes sealed together in an L shape with a hole at each end and another window hole on top. I was so excited because I've been talking about DIY cat tunnel for KiKi since past few weeks and now she got one. Cats love tunnel and I really want KiKi to have new playground so she has something else to play besides her favourite toy, a plastic yarn we called 'ramba'. Thank you so much for the effort, Bee... you're the BEST! I'm so happy for KiKi although she took some time to start playing with her new toy. I guess she'll get used to it later, ain't it dear?

The tunnel is bare so I suggested to wrap the box with natural rope to turn it into a scratching post too. Gonna check how much the rope costs later this evening and if it's not too expensive the tunnel will become a 2-in-1 DIY cat furniture for our lil' sweetheart. It may not look that pretty, but making own cat furniture or toy can gives self satisfaction especially when our fur kid is enjoying the item and gives money-can't-buy experience to see our beloved kitty appreciating it :-)

KiKi, we love you so much~!

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