Tuesday, October 19, 2010

:: surprise! (part 1) ::

Today is a special day for my bff, Nor as she turned *ehem* ..... 19? :-P

Had lunch together at office's cafeteria, but nothing special. Earlier, I've promised to treat her cake so we had another appointment at Secret Recipe in the evening. Last week I've booked her time and said hubby's gonna stay back a bit late so I could hang out at their crib for a while as well as meeting her roomie who's also my bff, Fila. Little that she knew we already plannedto throw a lil' surprise for the birthday girl. When we almost reached the door, I purposely asked whether Fila was already home... and when Nor opened the door it was complete darkness. "Maybe Fila hasn't reached home yet" she said and suddenly...

"prottttttttt" (sound of party wistle)


Nor got punk'd. She was screaming and obviously surprised. Haha... we made it Fila :-)

Since it's working day Fila only ordered Dominos for the lil' surprise party. She actually planned (well, she's the mastermind) to do it on Saturday so she can cooked something special but due to unforeseen circumstances it couldn't be done. We still enjoyed ourselves though especially looking at Alvin who was wearing black ribbon around her his neck. A big cat now, I have to admit that he looked pretty handsome and macho. 

It's Nor's birthday but Fila got the prezzie. It was a belated birthday prezzie I owed her for almost 2 months already, but both received my handmade birthday cards or better known as "kad penuh kasih sayang". Both were personally customised for both of you. Hope you guys like 'em... and Fila, hope you like that prezzie too. Nor, as promised your's coming up after I came back from the trip later keyh ;-)

Wokie cik Noor Hazera... happy birthday to you and hope you really enjoyed the evening with us. Remember, age is just a number so just chill and be happy ya. 

I later drove home with a smile and satisfaction. Reached home around 9:30 pm and somehow hubby welcomed me with a lil' surprise too... 

...but I'm gonna share that in the next entry {*wink}.


hazera said...

her neck~? Auw~! ehehehe

Thank you very much girls for the best surprise ever~! ;) Memang tk jangka langsung lah! :D

phatgurl said...

oh, dah terbiasa refer kucing sendiri "her" - but changed it already :-D

memangla tak jangka... dah kata SURPRISE! hehehe... glad u like it.

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