Sunday, November 21, 2010

:: an engagement & two weddings ::

...kept my Saturday busy.

Drove out of the house at 10:45am yesterday for cousin's engagement ceremony. She's my Mak Ngah's daughter, the next grandchild after me and the ceremony was held at her house in my kampung, Labu, Negeri Sembilan. It was my Single Saturday so everybody was asking about mr.hubby. I'm used of getting such questions especially when attending events alone or with BFFs without him. That's life as a wife to a businessman where you have to be independent at times and I'm already used to it. Back to the engagement, it was a simple, intimate event and alhamdulillah everything went smoothly as planned. Pretty in peach, my cousin was indeed happy after the engagement ring was safed in her finger. The wedding will be held in April and hopefully she will go through the engagement period with a lot of happiness.

- My cute lil sis strikes a pose  -

- With the bride-to-be and my second sista -

Next destination after the engagement was an old schoolmate's wedding in Ampangan, Seremban. Reached there at 2:30 pm and something funny happened when I was walking to the bride's house. Since I was alone (I hate going to wedding ceremony alone because I've experienced it once long time ago and I felt like a big Loser) I thought I should walk closer to a family in front of me so people could see us coming together but suddenly I was alarmed. The woman who was walking right in front of me was wearing the same fabric pattern in the same colour like mine! OMG!!! I straight away made a u-turn and walked away as fast as I could to my car. Ok, that was one big reason why I rarely buy ready made baju kurung... last-last kena jugak... cisss!

That incident didn't stop me to celebrate Dr. Emi's big day though. After 15 minutes I then made my way to the bride's house (thanks BFF cikFila for accompanying me through phone). I was excited because I haven't met the bride for quite some time and the fact that I also met another mate, Ema whom I haven't seen for such a long time. The three of us actually stayed in the same dorm during high school so it was like a mini reunion. I was flattered knowing that Ema is actually one of my silent readers... thank you so much babe for your support and do keep in touch key! Anyway, both bride and groom looked fabulous in dark purple outfits. I'm happy for both of them and pray for their happiness and blissful marriage life.
- With che Emi -

- With che Ema -
(...and oh btw that's the boria baju kurung)

After attending the two ceremonies I stopped by at my parents' house. It was tea time so my mom fried this fantastic tapioca served with lemon tea. They were awesome! It was great to hang around with my family although it was only for a short while cuz another wedding awaits me at night. The second wedding ceremony of the day was hubby's univ friend, held in Damansara Uptown. Another friend tagged along with us to the 'bollywood' wedding... too bad no pics for that. It was a brief stay anyway, we ate, met the groom and we were back at home again. In the end of the day I was very exhausted and straight away went to bed for a good night sleep.

There goes my Saturday. I have nothing much to share about today because I was staying home the whole day. It was a nice, quiet Sunday at home with mr.Hubby and KiKi... and it was such a bliss! KiKi was behaving so well the whole day and she even slept on the couch with us while we were watching tv. She must have enjoyed having us in the house for the whole day but unfortunately Sunday has come to its end (alaaaa...). Everybody's back to office tomorrow so no more "lalala" day in the office. My 'Monday Blues' mode is already activated therefore I really need to find the strength to wake up early and face the day. As for you guys, HAVE A NICE WEEK AHEAD PEEPS!

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