Friday, November 19, 2010

:: lalala friday ::

Many people still on leave because of Aidiladha so nothing much awaits me in the office. I was a bit tired this morning, therefore decided to arrive office at 9:00 am instead. Woke up for a while then continued 'golek-golek' on bed. While dressing up I suddenly saw KiKi in her taking-a-pee pose on our bedroom's carpet. I was like "KiKi, don't!!!" but sorry it was too late. Bee was woken up to my voice and later had to wash and hang the carpet outside. We can't blame KiKi because she's just a cat. Although she always hold her pee and poo until she gets the sand, this time she may not hold it due to her current on-heat condition. Poor baby... we're praying for her to recover soonest possible. Huhuhu...

Finally bought Enfamama A+ milk at Giant Sunway Pyramid yesterday (RM52 +) after receiving recommendations from everybody I asked. Anmum never received any recommendation and a friend did recommend for Wyeth Mama (RM49 +) because it smells like HL Marigold that I used to drink. I was contemplating which one to buy until I compared the nutritions and guess what, Enfamama got more nutritions per serving when compared to Wyeth Mama. I went for vanilla flavour and eventually the smell is acceptable and light. I thought it won't be a problem until I tasted it... Ermm maybe I didn't expect it to taste that way because I found it a bit salty. I love salt but not in a milk. I thought it would be tasteless or a bit creamy and sweet. No? Anyway, fret not because I've prepared myself a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup (yeay! and thanks to my friend Nette who suggested that). It didn't alter the taste much but it still made the milk a bit creamier. According to Hershey's recommended amount was 2 tablespoons per cup. Didn't pour that much just now... perhaps I'll try it in the next cup. Anyhow, wish me luck on drinking the milk. I have to drink it twice daily ok. Really need that wish!

The next thing I did today was preparing fridge magnets for the winners. Made my own envelopes from a wrapping paper, wrote a note for each of them and off they go.
Luckily there's a mini post office in our building. By the way, please note that Pos Malaysia has new postage rate effective 16 November 2010 and minimum stamp required for a letter is 60 cents and 70 cents if the letter is heavier / thicker. Haven't post any letter via snail mail for quite some time and the rate has doubled up! Last time it was only 30 cents man. I only posted 2 magnets, one for Naddy and another for Qistory. Opetz and Noor will be given next week, but haven't received any news from Sharyn yet. Sharyn dear, please mail me your address will ya?

To Naddy & Qistory: let me know when you've received your prezzies or how about writing a blog post about it (kalu rajin? hehehe)

Oh, before preparing the prezzies I actually had my lunch in the office. Just tapau it from the food court. Not many stalls were opened today and I didn't feel like eating much. So I only got these:
Rice, spinach, one salty fish & keropok and it cost me RM2.80. I don't know about you but I found it a tad too expensive. I rarely buy from that stall and bought it because of desperation so I will obviously ban them after this.

Thought of cooking Siakap Steam for dinner but hubby said save it for the weekend. Already fold a stack of washed clothes and so here I am, spending time on the Net. It's my definite "lalala Friday". Don't feel like eating much for dinner too so a bowl of Nestum will do. I have a lot of gas inside my body throught out pregnancy and according to article from Babycenter it is normal to experience a lot of gas during pregnancy. Something to do with hormones and digestive system. 

Oh one more thing that completes my "lalala" expression is I can now eat sushi~! Yeap, read in Babycenter that we can still eat sushi but with cooked ingredients. Means I can have tori karaage (fried chicken on top) and the tuna one and the egg one and the... well the list goes on. So, sushi trip anyone? BFF? yuhuuuu...~!!! :-D

p/s: I suggest all pregnant newbies to subscribe to because they share a lot of important info. They will also email you, telling how the baby is growing week-by-week and what to expect. Seriously, they are useful.

p/p/s: I'm now waiting for mr.hubby to come home from work. I already miss you Bee... mwahs!!!

p/p/p/s: Enjoy your Weekend peeps!


Marsha~ said...

dah berapa lama pregnant ni?? congrats!! kucing kamu sangat comel.... notty je muka dia...

phatgurl said...

Hello Marsha. Saye baru je preggie 2 months. Btw thanks for the wish. Nanti saye btau kiki ada org ckp muka die notty yg comel... mesti dia suka! hehehe.

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