Monday, November 22, 2010

:: searching for a perfect white handbag ::

I have this white Nine West handbag, bought around 4 years back in KLCC. It was actually love at first sight. Saw it on the poster, asked the sales assistant and it was mine in the next 15 minutes. It has been years, so what should I expect. Now its 'skin' is peeling off and sometimes left bits of dusts everywhere. I love that bag because it is sort of one-of-a-kind with no strappy handle (too bad I'm too lazy to snap a pic) and to emphasize that matter, I even received a number of compliments from people with that bag.

So now I'm in the midst of searching for a replacement white handbag because I don't think I can continue using the current one. Well suddenly searching for a white bag is harder than it thought especially when it is not during the right season. Currently marrakesh theme seems to conquer the fashion world with camel, red and black colours. Well, I'm not talking about high end brands here because at this moment I have a lot more to think than to splurge on a hefty handbag. BUT (there's a BIG but) no other white bags could make me drool than these:

They are from Gucci and I'm so in love with each of them. They are white and they are structured, perfect for office and totally suits my taste BUT (another BIG but) obviously they also come with beautiful prices. The most affordable one is the Ladies Web Medium Hobo that costs USD825 which I like better than the other two because the size is just nice for my body size. Well well well... you can keep on dreaming baby... 

Since Gucci is a bit out of reach, I then surfed around and found one bag that is more affordable. It's an Etienne Aigner which can be pre-ordered from klpremiumoutlet at the price of RM450.

It's structured, a bit hobo-like, love the detailing and perfect for office, but (another but???) I don't know whether I really like this bag or it is just a 'rebound'. 

Hrmmm hrmmm... should I save my cash for few months and get a big, bold bag or should I just buy the one that I can afford and able to get within few weeks. What say you? 


Anonymous said...

I would save my money and buy the one you like the most. I have a white bag similar to the Etienne Ainger and the pockets that are on the ends are really only for show I think. It is hard to get things in and out of there. Good luck with your choice. Regards - Wendy ( friend of Wan Ismawati Ismail ) Australia.

phatgurl said...

Hi Wendy, I just saw your comment although it has been here since a week ago. Thanks for dropping by anyway! :-)
Till today, I haven't buy any yet... as you said, I better save my money and buy the one I like the most (but that gonna take ages when it's a Gucci) LOL.

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