Saturday, November 27, 2010

:: an evening with dotdotdot ::

Went out for a date with my bff - Nor after office yesterday. She was supposed to get her police summon due to an accident she got involved during Aidiladha eve but I tempted her to follow me instead... and of course Sunway Pyramid was more irresistable than PJ Police Station. Haha! It was Friday evening but we were so lucky that the traffic was not heavy like the usual Fridays so we managed to arrive in less that half an hour from Menara TM to Sunway Pyramid. Someone recommended me before to park at the basement rather than upper grounds because it is much easier so after years, I tried it yesterday. It was true because we straight away got a parking spot. I don't think it's as easy as that if we chose to park at the upper grounds. So take note, if you want to go Sunway Pyramid do park at the basement area.

We walked around the mall and went into Parkson. It was Bonuslink Members' Day. I intended to use the RM10 voucher which expired yesterday that I got a week ago from buying SKII facial cleanser. I then showed Nor the 3-in-1 DKNY bag set I saw last week. It's a worth buying set, I'm telling you. I already tried to snap some pics before but didn't manage to because the SA was around and it was the same yesterday; so you have to visit Parkson to see it yourself. Anyway there were two 3-in-1 sets, one consists of a large, square makeup bag + an oval shaped zipper purse + a smaller but not too small zipper purse and another set consists of a small handbag + a zipper purse + a coin purse. Both were made of dark brown/black DKNY embossed monogram fabric and priced at only RM460! The one with makeup bag is totally worth buying because it's large. At first I planned to share a set with Nor (I want the makeup bag) and gave her a zipper purse as her belated birthday prezzie, but I wanted to think a bit further because of the price. I said let's have dinner first so I could think while eating but we later dropped by at Estee Lauder counter for a while to check on their gift sets before heading to Sushi King.

Yeay, I finally got my sushi treat~! I have told you about it earlier after knowing that pregnant women can still eat sushis as long as they're cooked.  I have to skip all raw ingredients, including crab sticks so there were not too many choices left. Though, I was still happy eating tori karaage (deep fried chicken), kani kama maki (deep fried crab sticks with cucumber), the one with tuna shreds and sea weed, tamago maki (omelette) and kappa maki (cucumber).

We also ordered takoyaki but it wasn't that nice if compared to Mid Valley's Jaya Jusco and they were so small. *Mental note: do not order takoyaki anymore at Sushi King.* After eating 5 beige plate sushis, 2 blue plate sushis and a bowl of 5 takoyakis we went out with a full tummy.

We went to MAC Cosmetics because I wanted to buy brush cleanser and took the opportunity looking at their latest holiday makeup sets.  I've actually received an SMS from them to check their promo booth at Mid Valley last week but didn't get the chance to go. It's end of year so as usual makeup and perfume companies come up with their own holiday gift sets in conjunction with Christmas. I never fail to check MAC's holiday sets every year because they usually come in good price and beautiful packaging. This year the theme is "A Tartan Tale"so all sets come with posh looking gold MAC emblem on tartan checkered printed packaging and they are SoOoOo to-die-for. There were lip / eye / face kits (RM120 - RM180) lip / eye brush with bags (RM250) and just released 2 days ago, lipglass / pigments / nail polish set in box (RM145) as per pic below:
I really - really - really like the eye brush set that consists of 5 brushes in a rectangle tartan clutch cum slingbag. It costs RM250 and that is considered cheap for 5 MAC brushes (but not considered cheap for my shopping allowance). The SA named Calies was a pleasant, nice lady so we spent our time a bit long listening to her recommendations. I almost made an impulsive purchase but I managed being a strong shopaholic yang penuh keinsafan. But, but... is there anybody with a BIG heart who wanted to buy the brush set as my early birthday prezzie...hrmmm? *fluttering my eyelashes*

We went back to Parkson because I haven't spend the voucher yet. That time I've made my decision not to buy the DKNY bag set so I've asked Nor to find other items for birthday prezzie. Somehow she came out with a proposal and it was another to-die-for item, the Estee Lauder Coach gift set. I made a quick decision and it was a YES. Most of you must have already aware about the Estee Lauder Coach gift set. It's one totally worth buying gift set this season because you'll not only get a set of makeup but also a pretty Coach pouch. Just buy any normal price Estee Lauder item worth RM200 or two (2) holiday gift sets and you are eligible to purchase the Coach pouch + 2 lipsticks + a lipgloss + 3 eyeshadow / 1 blusher set + an eyeliner + a blusher brush + an eyeshadow brush for RM180. Irresistible isn't it??? There are 3 sets available: gold pouch with pink coloured lipsticks, silver pouch with grape coloured lipsticks and red pouch with crimson red lipsticks. Okay, one more time is there anybody with a BIG heart who wanted to buy the Coach set as my early birthday prezzie...hrmmm? *fluttering my eyelashes*

Gold pouch set was already sold out so Nor took the red set because she always wanted red lippies. I like the gold one because it has pink lippies and I wasn't surprised it was sold out. Nor bought herself a 50ml Pleasure perfume for RM210 to make her eligible. I will only pay a-not-so-small portion though but she still have to top up a bit for the Coach set. At least I don't owe her anymore... just owing the bank for the credit card amount and above all, as long as it made my dear friend happy.
Nor ko happy tak? Happy kan kan kan? Hehehe. After the purchase we spent our vouchers at the lingerie department and relaxed for a while at Starbucks. Met our mate, Rabby who also came to Sunway Pyramid with her friends and it was already 10 something. After stuck for 30 minutes in the congested parking area we managed to get out of the mall. Nor was even happier because I sent her home (earlier I promised to send her to LRT station only) and I reached mine around 11:30 pm, anticipated to meet my dear hubby and cutiepie kitty. That ended the long, exciting Friday evening... and today I'm loving my quiet Saturday at home.

Foot note: Happy Birthday to my bro-in-law, Abang Mar and my far-away friend, Isma. Wishing you both all happiness in the world~!

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hazera said...

of course lah happy beb~! :D aku pon harap ada yg berhati besar belikan ko early birthday present..salah dedua lg best kan??? ihiks

phatgurl said...

sapela salah seorang yang akan berbesar hati tu agaknya... (pandang kat ko). hahaha!

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