Monday, November 29, 2010

:: how to clean makeup brushes ::

I have been searching for makeup brush cleaner since months ago. Previously I didn't bother much about cleaning the brushes because I normally used sponge applicator provided with an eye shadow set, but after owning Coastal Scent's 88 Makeup Pallete I've started using a full set of makeup brushes almost everyday. I once asked a sales assistant at the drugstore about the cleaner and because they didn't sell one she told me to wash the brush using makeup remover instead. Since there was no option left I followed her advice but still continued my search for a proper brush cleaner.

Searched the Net and found there isn't much cleaners available in Malaysian market. Some people said they washed their brushes with baby shampoo and some with soap, but I need something a bit more 'professional' because I also washed mine that way before. From my research most people in Malaysia used MAC but there were some others who used Elianto and Shu Uemura. I went to Elianto once but they said they didn't have any brush cleaner, so I didn't know who to believe. I asked Miu from plusizekitten who I look as an expert in beauty products available in Malaysia and she only used Shu Uemura's but said the smell was a bit strong. 

Last Friday I made my decision and bought MAC Brush Cleanser instead. I'm an avid fan of MAC so that influenced my decision too. It cost me RM45 for 235ml. I've cleaned all the brushes and very satisfied with the outcome so I'm sharing my experience here. On top of all, no water was involved in the ritual.

1. Items involved: makeup brushes, makeup brush cleanser & cotton pads.

2. Pour cleanser on a cotton pad.

3. Run bristles on the moist spot until all dirts are removed and shape the brush accordingly.
*Tips: use the cotton pad back layer if the front layer has already filled with colours.

4. Leave brushes to dry.

5. Don't forget to clean the brush case too.

Wasn't it easy? Time spent cleaning for a brush was about 3 - 5 minutes depending on the size and dirts. It didn't take long for the brushes to dry and brushes should be cleansed once a week depending on frequency used. As a conclusion, cleaning a makeup brush has never been this easy and MAC Brush Cleanser is indeed a must-have item!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing dear! Rajin ko pakai brushes banyak2 ni. Aku tak sampai seru lg. Tak rajin nak cuci haha

phatgurl said...

No probs ;-) Aku pun baru aktif lately. Brushes tu dah lama tersidai... but since ada eye shadow 88 colours tu aku semangat sket lah. Haha.
Btw cuci pakai MAC tu memang senang gile beb... give it a try one day keyh

Lily said...

Berapa ea harga brushes tu?the whole set

phatgurl said...

Lily - brush set & bag tu from Loreal beli lama dah kat Parkson RM50 je tak silap. Yang 3 lagi tu brush from MAC tapi tak ingat harga la.

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