Thursday, December 9, 2010

:: corporate grooming & dressing etiquette for muslimah ::

I was supposed to write this last night but was too exhausted. Reached home around 15 minutes after 8pm, played with KiKi and couldn't help to take a short nap until hubby arrived. My exhaustion level was out of control and I couldn't open my eyes. Hubby was home for only 5-10 minutes but I was already back to sleep on the couch until midnight. 

Anyway, I wanted to share about an event I attended in our office yesterday morning. It was the Bengkel Muslimah Korporat - Pesona Humaira organized by Badan Kebajikan Islam TM (BAKIT) and Pusat Pungutan Zakat MAIWP. Only the first 200 registered staffs were eligible to attend and quota was full on the very first day it was advertised. The event was only half a day event but I tell you, it was an interesting and a fruitful one. The first half was a ceramah given by Ustaz Hj. Dziyaulhak Hashim from PPZ. He is considered a young Ustaz, somewhere within the 30's but he talked like someone older with slow pace, monotonous voice, yet still able to crack some jokes. His ceramah was mainly about the 5 pillars of Islam and how we should internalise each of them. They were several new info learnt from the ceramah such as doa pelindung should be recited 3 times in the morning (I recite it before sleep - have to change this) and picking nose does not invalidate fast / puasa.

The second slot started after everybody is done having singapore fried mihun and dutch lady chocolate milk during break and it was about Corporate Grooming and Dressing Etiquette for Muslimah by Pn. Yasmin Sidek from Positive Grooming Sdn. Bhd. I never heard of hear before but honestly, she was a good presenter. She shared a lot of important tips on how to project ourselves correctly in the corporate environment. 

She even gave few examples and shared real life scenarios. Some of them were quite hilarious especially when it came to husband and wife scenarios. Well, she really knew how to make the session alive. Thumbs up to you, Pn. Yasmin! On the grooming & etiquette part, there were some new knowledge learnt from the session and there were some I already learnt from somewhere else before, so it was like learning and refreshing some memory altogether. Among important items she shared yesterday were:

> She highlighted that image is reflected by:
1. Behaviour
2. Dressing
As a corporate Muslimah, we should behave like one and dress to be respected. Dress interestingly everyday by changing the colour, pattern, fabric material or cutting of our attire not only to office, but also at home.

> Remember to act cool and show a calm face even if you're in a crisis with someone else. Image projected will define what others see you.

 The proper and elegant way to:
1. Climb up and down the stairs is by positioning your feet at 45 degrees in each step. (I learnt this one from abg. Larry during my internship and practicing it ever since. He also advised me to iron all my clothes including t-shirt. Thanks for the tips abg. Larry... I still remember and practice them till today.)

2. Stand or to face someone is by positioning your right foot at 12 o'clock and left foot at 10 o'clock with the right foot slightly higher from the left or putting the left foot at 12 o'clock and right foot at 2 o'clock with the left foot slightly higher from the right.

3. Cross your leg and point it down. You should not cross your leg when there's someone older or superior than you, so crossing your leg depends on position and seniority (hrmmm... never knew about this).

> You should know when to dress in corporate attire or office attire. Dress in corporate attire if you have business meeting, conference, presentation, etc. and the right colours are shades of black to brown and blue to dark blue. Attires should be plain or in thin stripes to avoid any 'eye' distraction. Office attire is anything presentable like baju kurung, kebaya, shirt and pants in soft colours, anything that is not eye-catching. 

> If you want to wear a coat over a baju kurung, please ensure length of the coat is 2" longer than the baju.

> The most appropriate shoe to work is dark court shoe preferably black in A or B shape, full front or straps at the back with 1.5" heels in maximum. A bit higher with thick heels is ok but thin heels are only meant for dinner or function. (I already learnt this from Norma Norell since high school but I obviously chose to ignore this one. Only court shoe? No way jose!)

The whole session ended around 12:30pm and we were given chicken rice and bottled cincau drink for lunch. I was so satisfied with the whole event and I believed many did too. Oh, there was also lucky draw during the closing ceremony for 3 winners (as usual I didn't win any) but all participants did not return with an empty hand because we got this as a doorgift from PPZ:
A basket of Secret Garden lotion - shampoo - conditioner miniature set and a hand towel

Thank you BAKIT & PPZ... and two thumbs up for organizing such beneficial program. I like~!!!

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