Friday, January 28, 2011

:: what your handbag is saying about you ::

Thank God it's finally Friday.... woohooo!!! After a long hectic week I can now forget all those numbers for a while and do something relaxing / something I like to do such as writing or blog hopping or even sleeping. From what you could read in my previous entry, this week was not only stressful with workloads and long list of deadlines but also filled with annoying behaviours - up till today's afternoon. Well, I have surpassed all that so let's just forget about it and move to other interesting stuff instead. 

Every morning I start my day in the office with a lil' routine, which is going through thumbnails of featured news / articles on It's a personal thing and I really enjoy it. I don't like reading online newspaper so it is another option for me to gain new knowledge everyday. Furthermore, local newspapers are kinda sucks with all those political stories. Through my own personal thumbnail-news-surfing activity I learnt a lot of new info and even updated with what's happening all over the world. I will choose topics that interest me and they are random either from yahoo!Finance, Shine, omg!, Health, News, Sports... anything as long as that particular topic attracts my attention. 

There was this interesting article I read days (or was it a week ago, I couldn't remember) from yahoo!Finance and it was about "what your purse (handbag) is saying about you". I love handbags and believed most of us do too so I thought sharing the info here is worthwile. It might be true and it might be not... so just take it for leisure reading. Enjoice! (*wink).

The Eternal Prepster

 A woman who totes Longchamp's classic Le Pliage canvas bag to the office is conservative and traditional, yet secretly relishes carrying a status symbol. "She is wearing plaids and pearls," says Zoe. Adds Minkoff, the owner is "practical and loves a bag where she can carry all her essentials at once."

The Upwardly Mobile Do-Gooder

 The legions of young urbanites who cart around burlap bags designed by FEED, a philanthropic organization whose mission is to curb global hunger, are "obviously concerned about the world and the environment," says Zoe. She's "a little crunchy but brand-aware," adds Collins.

The Lady Who Luxes

A ladylike Louis Vuitton bag is the standard arm candy of a woman who has feminine -- and expensive -- taste. "This woman is a label freak," Collins says. Adds Zoe: "She has a job, but she may not need the money." Minkoff notes: "You'll never find her outside her house without the 'It' heels."

The Multitasker

 A young gal who wears many hats in addition to her 9-to-5 job favors an expandable bag with many pockets. "She was voted Most Likely to Succeed in high school," Collins says. "She's a little bit safe in her dress, but in a cute way." The purpose of her tote "is to allow her to be hands-free," says Minkoff.

The Brooklyner

 A vibrant print bag is the sign of a city-dwelling hipster who doesn't care about dress codes. "She isn't too worried about her bag matching her shoes matching her belt matching her outfit," says Zoe. "It's for the style blogger," says Schelter. Collins adds: "She doesn't get her hair blown straight."

The Power Mom

The leather shopper was made for working moms. She "needs room to keep all her necessities in place while running around in between meetings and playdates," says Minkoff. Its wearer likes labels, says Collins, "but doesn't need to show them." Schelter adds that its price makes it "still a treat."

The Pantsuit Executive

 A leather handbag from a luxury house such as Mulberry completes the no-nonsense executive's professional look. "With the power women of today, they want to be taken seriously," Zoe says. "They also want to look fashion-forward." Schelter: "It is very easy to put files and a laptop in here."

The Party Girl

 A crossbody bag that doubles as a clutch screams "work hard, play harder." The owner is "still young enough to go out at night after work," says Schelter.

The Early Adopter

 A purse designed by an of-the-moment fashion darling suggests the wearer isn't referring to real machinery when talking about hardware. "This bag doesn't have a lot of functionality," says Zoe. "You make it work because you love it." Adds Collins, "People think she's on the cutting edge."

The Hoarder

 Massive oversize bags show "that maybe you're not as focused as you need to be because you can't edit what's in your handbag," says Schelter. "If you go to a job interview with a bag the size of your body filled with crap, they're going to be a little nervous," says Zoe. Collins agrees: "She is kind of a mess."

So which one is yours and what does your handbag is saying about you?
{ pssttt... mine's third from top ;-) }


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