Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: halfway done, halfway to go ::

20th week = 5-months is the halfway mark of pregnancy and here I am at that moment. Halfway done means another halfway to go and in 20 weeks from now we will welcome our new bundle of joy, insyaallah.

Yesterday was my third, regular monthly check-up and as usual the doctor checked my blood pressure, took my weight, scanned the belly and did the urine test. Blood pressure and urine test result were both fine but I was a bit surprised that my weight has increased tremendously. My weight now starts with the 6-digit number for the first time ever in entire life and errr... I do freak out with that fact. This is the heaviest, biggest moment of my life, but thank God this is all for a good cause. I still want to blame those fast-foods though and will try to eat healthier food for the rest of the months because doctor said I'm actually a bit over weight, like 1 kg...huhuhu.

Let's forget about my "freaking-ness" because the most important thing is the condition of our baby. Alhamdulillah, the lil one is doing fine inside there and growing accordingly. We both saw his/her hands moving on the screen and as usual, watching his/her heart beating was the finest moment of all. The doctor measured the head, body, hands, feet and also captured the weight. As for now the lil one weigh approximately 0.3 kg, which is normal for this period (although it was a bit light than what I expected). Oh, just for info we're still yet to know whether the lil one is a hero or a heroine. Maybe next month then, so let us all wait and see... hehe.

I didn't manage to snap any pic during my 4th month and I'm not letting it to happen again in the future. So now in this entry I'm presenting you my baby bump.....

* tadaaaaa *




OMG, I did look huge did I? ...and please pardon the background too. There is no other perfect place elsewhere than the one where I spent most of my daily time at and that place is my office (borrringgg...huh?). 

I was wearing a top from Kitschen, Levi's lady style jeans and gladiator heels that my bff, Fila gave me a year or two ago. Honestly, I've started having problem with what to wear nowadays because most of my work attire has "shrunked" and I'm left with small portion of choices. Planned to do some maternity wear shopping but dunno where to start because most maternity clothes found so far were so gaudy. Why must maternity wear looks so 'makcik-makcik'?

Doctor also warned me about those heels I was wearing because it is not good for the posture. In my last post I did mention there is no harm of wearing heels during pregnancy as long as you're comfortable and be extra careful but the article where that facts were extracted didn't mention about body posture. So one extra fact on that, wearing heels during pregnancy is actually bad for your body, especially for the back posture. Ok, I really have to indulge that fact to stop wearing heels because as you may know I don't favour wearing flats to office.

On another note, I did bought a box of Anmum Materna chocolate flavoured milk since I've skipped drinking maternity milk for ages and apparently the choc milk is much more favourable than the vanilla Enfamama, which is now left to harden in its packaging. So far everything is still fine except few leg cramps in the middle of the night and gagging after brushing the teeth in the morning. There may new challenges coming next and hopefully I could go through all until the big day arrives. Till then, do pray for me and hope to see you again in the next entry. Mwahs!

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efaifi said...

omg! sgt different compared to last time aku jumpe ko, ngan kasut gladiators lagi *wink* x saba nak jumpe besok, hopefully jadik le nk lunch sesama...

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