Monday, May 16, 2011

:: another month to go ::

Sorry for the lack of update, yet thank you for those who still visiting my blog. I haven't work since Tuesday last week actually, it's already a week but seriously I did nothing much except for sleeping and playing with my iPad. Intended to update my blog but I couldn't force myself enough. Last Saturday was the worst because I woke up late, watched tv while surfing the Net, took a nap while watching CSI, woke up for awhile and then slept again for the second time in the evening. Can't stand such boredom but that's how bored my life is these days :-(

I was supposed to be hospitalised since last Thursday but my doctor was on emergency leave so the appointment was postponed to the next day. I already brought all the necessities but in the end brought them back home because the doctor gave another chance for me to make arrangement with PMCare on the hospitalisation eligibility. I was more than happy to be back home but for not too long cuz I need to be hospitalised starting this Wednesday. This is my 34th week so expect me to stay there for another 4 weeks before I could give birth and that is actually equivalent to 1 month! 

Despite its boring-ness, previous week was another challenging week for me actually. My right foot was badly hurt and still sore until today. I went to office on Monday, ate a bowl of laksa served in Payroll Unit's party and on the next day found myself itching all over upper parts of my body ie. ears, face, neck, armpit and fingers. Why I blamed that laksa? Because it has very strong belacan smell and my boss who also ate it got all itchy too. I only put external medication to control the itchiness due to pregnancy so I kept on scratching here and there most of the time. It got better on Friday morning but guess what, all those redness somehow turned into dark patches! There were dark patches around my eyes and I looked like someone who just got punched on both eyes because the dark patches were uneven. I looked like an abused victim for 3 days and even Bee was worried that people will blame him for that. Consecutively, I was also attacked with flu and once again didn't take any medication so I just have to bare with it until it was gone yesterday. 

Another tough week gone and now I really need someone to give me at least one good news that can make me happy. Please.

Anyway, let me share with you how my huge tummy and I look like nowadays... and look, I was also wearing the bandage socks on my right foot.
The above pic was taken in the morning before I ate the itchy laksa. The best part is, I won't stand on that spot again for another 3 months (woohooo!). By the way, despite its look the huge looking tummy hardly disrupts me from moving around like usual except that I got tired a bit faster than before. Alhamdulillah I still manage to pray like usual and one of my colleague was amazed with that because some people have started praying while seating at this stage. There was fire drill in the office last 3 weeks and I even walked down the stairs from my office at the 10th floor. I was already categorised as "disable" person and allowed to take the emergency lift but the lift was too slow and I couldn't stand waiting so I just walked down with everybody else. In the end, other "disable" people who kept on waiting for the lift didn't go down at all because until the fire drill ended and everybody was upstairs, they still didn't get the lift. Imagine if it was really an emergency. They could have died.....

Nothing much differs from the previous month. Our lil one is an active boy as he keeps on kicking and I'm sure gonna miss those kicks later. He has been with with me for nearly 8 and a half month now and I couldn't wait to see him, to hold him in my arms. Our life is changing already and soon we're going to be mama and papa... hehe.  I know this is a very long entry but just bear with me for a little while ya because I wanna share another pic, which is our baby's bag:
Those are the items that we will bring to the hospital and they are:

- Tops with buttons (2 long sleeves & 2 short sleeves)
- Trousers (2 shorts & 2 longs)
- Barut (4 pieces)
- Newborn diapers
- Baby wipes
- Burp clothes (4 pieces)
- Minyak Yuyi Cap Limau
- Swaddle blanket
- Receiving blanket
- Cap
- Booties & mittens (2 sets)
- Napkins (3 pieces)

I think that is more than enough, but please let me know in case I forgot anything else. I guess that's the ending to this post. In the meantime, hope you could pray the best for me and see ya later! Good nite.....zZzZz.

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ketawariang said...

just few weeks to go!
hope that u and baby will be ok...

insyallah everything will be fine...

*kisses to baby* :)

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