Thursday, May 19, 2011

:: simple french toast ::

I'm typing this from home. Yes, home! Went to the hospital yesterday with all my belongings, ready to be admitted to ward with heavy heart but alhamdulillah doctor found my placenta has moved up a bit hence didn't require me to be admitted. For the second time, we went back home and me, with a smile on my face. I still got the placenta previa though but currently in stage 1 (last week it was stage 2) and if the placenta keeps on moving away from the cervix door I can deliver my baby in a normal way instead of cesarean. There are only few weeks left and hopefully good news awaits me at the end. Insyaallah.

This ain't supposed to be an entry about my condition, so consider the above as a brief update of what's currently going on with my life. Although I was not admitted to ward, I was still not allowed to work so I'm staying home until my next appointment on 1 June 2011. I realised that hot and humid weather somehow "paralysed" me from doing anything. I just sat on the couch with my iPad and slept twice since noon. Thank God it was raining at 4 something just now. Since I didn't had lunch, my tummy was hungry for something to eat so I made myself an easy yet healthy food which is the French Toast.

had my toasts with tomato ketchup & mango juice

Last time I did blog about my passion towards bread and even shared 10 of my favourite ways of serving / eating bread. This is the post that I meant in case you didn't read it earlier, but that didn't include french toasts because I never made it before. I remember eating french toasts when a friend brought it when we were in primary school but since my mother never made it for me, I never knew that making one is very easy until hubby wanted to eat it few months back. 

Eventually, what we need to make simple french toasts are only:
- Eggs
- White breads
- Non-stick pan

* The ratio is 1 egg = 2 breads, so it's easy for us to plan how many eggs are required with a number of breads to be used.

1. Pre-heat the non-stick pan
2. Beat the eggs and add a pinch of salt if you want
3. Soak a bread into the egg mixture
4. Place, flip and cook until it turns golden brown
5. Ready to be served

You could eat the toasts with anything you like. My husband likes having them with kaya and I like eating them with tomato ketchup. Just now I tried having them with both ketchup and mayonaisse... and they tasted great. This simple french toast is not only easy and tasty but also very healthy because did you realise there is no oil involved? Just try it and you won't regret. Cheers!

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