Tuesday, May 24, 2011

:: how to make paper napkin dress ::

Here is another baby shower related tutorial for all of you. When I Googled napkin fold for baby shower, most of the ideas were diaper shape napkin but since I didn't buy any napkin pin to complete the look I continued my search and found this tutorial at HowDoesShe.

It's paper napkin dress and making one is effortlessly easy. Not only for baby shower, this dress-shaped napkin is also perfect to complete your table arrangement for bridal shower, casual tea party, birthday party or japanese-themed party (since the dress looks like a kimono). 

What you need:
- Paper napkins
- Ribbons / Beads for decoration
- Scissors

> Step 1: Take one paper napkin

> Step 2: Fold each side of the napkin to the center

> Step 3: Fold it into half

> Step 4: Cut a triangle shape at the side for arms and on top for neckline

> Step 5: Open the fold and you have a dress!

> Step 6: Make a bow with a ribbon and glue it in the middle of the dress. Add a bead to enhance the look and it's all done ;-)

Footnote: just prepare plain napkins in case your guests found the napkin is too adorable and cute to wipe their mouths with. Well, my guests did... happy trying!

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