Tuesday, May 24, 2011

:: tutorial-cute soother favor for baby shower ::

It has been a while since I last made a handmade craft project so I was pretty excited to make one for my baby shower tea party - just for fun. At first I planned to make a burp cloth cupcake but thought it wasn't baby-related enough so out of nowhere I somehow got this idea of making the favor using baby soother. I prefer giving away an item instead of food so my guests could keep it and who knows they will need it for whatever reason later.

As promised in my previous entry, here's the step-by-step guide to make a cute soother favor for a baby shower. By the way, I chose blue because I'm carrying a baby boy so you could make yours according to baby gender or party colour theme ;-)

Items Required:
- Baby soother
- Plastic container (another option is transparent box)
- Paper napkin
- Printed / coloured paper
- Ribbons
- Beads (other options are sequins, crystals, etc)
- Glue
- Scissors

> Step 1: Crumple a napkin into the container.

> Step 2: Make paper curls out of printed / coloured paper by cutting them into thin strips. With sharp end of the scissors, pull the paper from end to end with a sliding motion to create a curl. Put some inside the container. 

> Step 3: Make a bow with a ribbon. Fold it into number 8 and glue in the middle. 

> Step 4: Glue the bow on soother's handle. 

> Step 5: Wrap the bow with another ribbon in the middle and add a bead to enhance it. 

> Step 6: Place the soother inside the container.

(*idea: you could also place a small thank you note inside the container)

Items for Finishing:
- Transparent cling wrap
- Plastic container cover
- Ribbon

> Step 7: Measure and place the cling wrap on top of the container. 

> Step 8: Wrap and secure the cling wrap tightly around the container (*note: pretty tricky - require lots of patience). 

> Step 9: Glue the cover below the container as a base and decorate with ribbon and beads according to preference. 

You now have a cute soother favor for your guests. Perfect for baby shower or any kind of baby-related events. Good luck!

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