Sunday, May 8, 2011

:: tough week ::

It was a very challenging week for both of us. We lost our KiKi on Monday and late that night when we were back at Sunway Pyramid making official report to the security, I sprained my right foot (terpelecok kaki). I have to bear the pain and couldn't walk properly but I thought it will recover by itself later.

It was my 32-weeks appointment at Hospital Putrajaya on the very next day. We chose the hospital because of its Private Wing / Full Paying Patient (FPP) facilities but it was our first time there so we didn't have any clue on the whereabouts. We were asked to go to the clinic area and register at the registration counter. As you may have known, government servants are typically stereotyped as unfriendly, slow, inefficient and many other negative remarks. Well, people won't simply stereotyped people if it ain't true, rite? After completing the form with all my details, the guy who attended us typed all the info in their system and at one point asked whether I got a handphone number. I said to him, it was already stated there but he still insisted because he kept on looking at my office number instead. We were asked to pay RM110. I told him I already got GL from my insurance but according to him we still have to pay because they don't take GL. He then asked me another question "are you working with Government?" which again annoyed me because it was already stated in the form I worked at Telekom Malaysia. Pfttttt....!

We then went to the O&G clinic counter. The nurse asked me to check my weight so I went to the scaling machine, which was behind her and waited. Ok, she didn't come so I guessed I have to check the weight by myself? I did and informed her my weight, which was only 0.1 kg more than previous month. She checked my blood pressure and it was 100/60 instead of the usual 110/60 (maybe due to what had happened to us within the last 15 hours). Luckily she didn't ask me to check my pulse by myself because when she later asked me to get urine test, everything was DIY. There was instruction where you were asked to take only 1 test tape, pee, dip the tape, show it to the nurse and throw the tape in a specific waste bin. 

We were asked to wait and being an FPP, they allowed me to skip the queue. Despite that we still need to wait for 30 minutes before my name was called. I personally chose Dr. Hamidah, the O&G specialist after being recommended by hubby's friend and after brief research through out the Internet. Thank God she was nice, because after what I've went through earlier I was already thinking of going to a private hospital in the next appointment. The doctor asked about my condition and I told her about my placenta previa, which was the only concern through out my pregnancy. She scanned and showed that my placenta was only 1.2 cm away from the uterus door, hence categorised it as placenta previa type 1 to 2. 

Placenta previa is the condition when placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb (uterus) and covers all or part of the opening to cervix. It is still 50-50 whether I can have normal delivery or need to undergo Caesarian because I'm only in week 32 and there is still slight chance for the placenta to move up. However, the doctor expressed her concern and instructed me to rush to the hospital if any bleeding occurs. She actually asked me to be warded, but I asked her to give me some time because many things need to be done. She gave me only a week and by next Thursday I have to come again with my belongings because she won't let me get away from being warded. 

I was given mc from that day until next Thursday and being advised to stay at home. Yeah right. On the next day I still went to the office though because there were many tasks need to be completed and furthermore, I have not yet prepared any handover notes to my colleagues. Planned to work until Friday but unfortunately I only managed going until Thursday because my sprained foot was swollen, blue (lebam) and hurt. At nearly 2:00 am Friday, Bee sent me to Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) to get treatment. The doctor was nice and he explained to us briefly about the condition:
  • When my foot was sprained some of the tissues were torn and bled inside so that time I should have put an ice pack immediately to stop the bleeding ---> which I didn't. Told him I just put an ice just few hours before that and he said no use already.
  • I should have not massage the sprained area because it will only make it bleeds ---> I actually did this and that's why the blood has spread and clot.
  • I could not take pain killer because according to him, pain killer can disable "labour" sign so he just asked me to wear bandage socks and gave me ointments.
Lesson learnt: whenever you sprained your foot, do put an ice pack immediately and do not massage the area hokey! 

I didn't go to office on Friday but work from home instead. To be honest, I was not motivated at all to work as I was very devastated thinking about KiKi. I wish it was only a dream and until today both of us are still upset. We never lost hope to search for her by posting info on the Internet, spread posters and even seek help from Allah the Almighty. We believed His blessings may create miracle and who knows KiKi could find her way home if she managed to escape? KiKi is a smart cat and we know she also misses us :-(

On the other hand, preparations for our lil guy must be done within this week too. Nothing much left and I managed washing his clothes and napkins on Friday. 
Planned to complete buying his items today. We still need blankets, a hat, another set of mittens and booties, pillow set and a plastic basin for bathing. Hopefully I didn't miss out any other important item. Due to hot weather, we might also need to have another fan and tonight I will get Amway's post natal set, bought from a friend. I feel sorry for our baby though because his Mama is very upset and sometimes I do feel like I'm neglecting him. Just hang in there baby... another month to go and you'll see this world. Mama and Papa will take care of you and love you as much as we can.

Above all, I couldn't go through all these without hubby by my side. I feel so sorry for him as he needs to stay strong to support me emotionally and physically although I knew how devastated he is about KiKi. He's the best and I'm blessed to marry such a nice guy. Let us go through all these challanges together and support each other. Thank you so much dear and I really love you with all my heart.

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