Friday, February 3, 2012

:: colour block bib necklace ::

Friday is here and another long weekend awaits us. It was a short week to me because myself and others who are working in Kuala Lumpur already had a day off on Wednesday due to the Federal Territory Day. I wish to have more public holiday on Wednesday because having a day off in the middle of the week brought positive impact to me as I felt more energetic hence lead to better productivity at work. I said this maybe because I had a great ME-day on that Wednesday. It was my first ME-day ever since having a baby. Ady's nursery was opened because we are staying in Selangor so I asked hubby to send him as usual. It was only for 6 hours but I managed doing a number of chores and also a craft project - a colour block bib necklace. I have shared this tutorial on how to make pompom felt flower and it gave me an idea to come out with this.....

Colour blocking is the in thing right now so instead of doing it only with tops and bottom, I thought why don't I do it with accessory too. I really adore the end result and excited to wear it because (1) I have always been in love with bib necklace (2) yellow vs. fuschia is my most favourite colour block combo. My hands are itchy to produce more accesories now and I shall call my products 'Phattgurll Accessories'. What do you think?

Anyway, here is my complete look for today: aqua blue + fuschia + yellow = a colour blockin' Friday.

Striped Shawl -  bought in Mecca
Bib Necklace - Phattgurll Accessories
Cropped Cardie - ButtonMyButtons
Basic Tee - Dorothy Perkins
Jeans - Levi's Lady Style
Heels - Viki Shoes

Wearing vibrant colours to colour block helps brightening up the day, boost confident level and indirectly gives positive vibes to the wearer. Trust me, go colour block today.

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