Wednesday, February 1, 2012

:: diy noisy cat's toy ::

It has been awhile since my last cat-related update. After KiKi was gone we actually have 4 + 1 cats at home until today; the four siblings and one street cat who used to be KiKi's 'friend'. I have been planning to write about them from day-to-day but still haven't do it. Well maybe on one fine day I will share a story about them because the siblings: Neslo, Nescafe, Milo and Teh Tarik are already fat and huge now if compare to this:

Pics taken in June 2011

The kittens (yeah, we still call them kittens) have their own dedicated room in our house. They stay inside the room but they have their play time everyday when they can roam everywhere inside the house, usually during midnights after Ady and I are already inside our bedroom. As we knew, cats love to play. Thought of buying new toys for the kittens to keep them ocuppied but cats' toys are quite expensive. Found this interesting pillow shape toy made of fabric with noisy plastic inside, priced around RM10++. It was small and expensive to me for something simple as that so I decided to make something similar at home.

1. I sacrificed a small non-woven bag received from a wedding and a plastic that was used to wrap a souvenir bought in USS.

2. The fabric was cut into square.

3. Folded the fabric into two and sew along the edges.

4. Insert the plastic inside through the open side.

5. Sew along the edge to keep the plastic inside and DONE.

It was just like a pillow. A noisy pillow to be exact because the plastic produced noise and that attracts cats. Cheap and easy.  

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