Monday, June 11, 2012

:: black & beige monday ::

Heyya peeps, how's weekend? I don't know why but for me, time always flies faster than usual during weekend. We watched Prometheus on Saturday night. It is the third movie for Ady after Battleship and Avengers but he did not watch the movie at all because he slept just when Prometheus started. Despite its fiction genre which is not my cup of tea, Prometheus is not a bad movie. In fact it is a lot better if compared to Battleship and it is worth watching. On another note, I just knew durian season is back again. Later that night we went to parents' in law's house and ate this creamy, thick flesh durian that makes me wanting for more. Ever since pregnant I have been abstaining myself and only ate a flesh or two. Since Ady is almost a year now, I guess there is no harm to enjoy what I have been missing for a year.

Saturday gone and Sunday came. I intended to watch Germany vs. Portugal Euro 2012 match but I was so sleepy, maybe because my tummy was full that night. Although I already knew Germany won I still catched up the replay match yesterday. Both are my favourite teams and I have been supporting them since World Cup 2006. Yesterday was not an ordinary Sunday because I managed to cook for lunch after so many months. Cooked rice porridge with carrot and anchovies for Ady; and fried sardine with omelette for us the parents. Yeah, nothing special but I am still happy for the achievement. Maybe I can go back to the kitchen more often when Ady is a bit older. In the evening we went to Puncak Alam to visit our friends, Isma and Hairil for catching up. All in all, it was a nice weekend spent with family and friends.

Well, I have been rambling about stuff that is not related to the topic so better be back on the right track. Although it is already a wrap for the Hijabi Fashion Week, I still insist to post what I am wearing to office today. Sometimes Monday Blues caught and stopped me to dress up on the first working day of the week but after two weeks of demotivation I wanted to energise myself by putting a bit effort in my office attire with this black and beige theme.

Shawl - Vincci Accessories
Waterfall Cardigan - EightDesignsBoutique
Basic Tee - Dorothy Perkins
Skinny Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Pants - Mango
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Heels - Kiss & Tell

That pair of high heels is the Louboutin inspired pumps which I have posted about earlier. I made some improvisation with it by adding a removable strap with a beige and black ribbon on it, which at the same time adds more comfort for me to walk fast as usual. I still have few more DIY projects for the shoes but still searching for time to execute them and blog about it. Please share with me if you have any fashion related DIY projects so I can check them out. I just love art & craft. 

On the other hand, I have been wanting for a black jumpsuit since months ago. I found this nicely fit jumpsuit in Ikano during Chinese New Year public holiday and it was only RM49.90. I was so excited when I bought it but when I tested it at home on the next day, the sales assistant actually gave me the one in another model which was very loose. We went back all the way to IPC but was devastated to find the one I tested at the shop earlier was sold out. I was asked to search for another item because they did not do refund but hubby 'made some noise' and made them returned the money to me. Hubby said why must we burden ourself by searching and buying for something we do not want especially when the fault came from their part. Since then I never find another nicely fit jumpsuit so when ever I am feeling to wear one I just pair the black basic tee with black pants and a belt to look like I am wearing a jumpsuit. Yeah, I am sometimes silly and vain like that.

By the way I am wearing a gold belt that came from DP's metallic pack of three belts. The other two colours are silver and bronze but I sold the bronze one to my friend Riza because I already got one in bronze (which is one of my fav belt ever, also from DP) given by Fila. Bought the set in Mid Valley last Friday for RM46 but discounted at 10% because I am a Fashion Fast Forward member. It is not easy to find nice metallic belts you know. Actually I thought Rabby wanted it since she has been searching for gold belt for ages but since she did not want to purchase them I decided to own them instead. Babe, don't be jealous at me haaa...! :-P

Ok, that's it. Too much writing. See you again soon and oh, Happy Monday!


Ayna Jalal said...

louboutin inspired heels? coolness, suke tgk u mix and match ur clothing, im in love with ur cardigan, nak jugak!!! hehe @_@

phatgurl said...

Inspired je mampu... louboutin ori memang dalam mimpi jerla ehehe. The cardigan can be bought online. I think still available from their site. Go check it out dear.

Arya Stark said...

Hey babe... drop by my online shop at I sell Dian Pelangi shawls.. and coming soon... maxi dresses and skirts too!!!! =) all perfect for a chic fashionista like u! hehe

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