Saturday, June 9, 2012

:: hfw2012 - style crush ::

-Hijabi Fashion Week 2012-

The challenge is:

Style Crush

Choose an HFW participant's style to try out with your own clothes! Show us which participants inspired you, or mirror a style that you might never have tried before! 
Among all HFW participants, myazfashionspot's style caught my eyes because she loves wearing bold and catchy colours. I intended to try something that is beyond my ordinary look so I decided to replicate her style although it is almost impossible because I do not own similar items to what she was wearing. That indirectly reflects how different her style is when compared to me so that is the kind of challenge I am looking for.
From all the looks she posted for HFW, I decided to replicate the look for Day 4 - Destinations.
This is myazfashionspot's style...
...and this is phatgurl's style...
Shawl - bazaar at Jaya One
Long cardie - buttonsmybuttons
Basic tee - Dorothy Perkins
Necklace - bought in Melbourne
Belts - Brand Outlet Store
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins
Watch - Guess

Khakis pants - Giordano
Flats - Bonita
~ long cardie + owl necklace + tee tuck in + khakis + flats ~
I know it does not look exactly but that is the best I could do. I have no regret wearing such outfit the entire day because I am comfortable and really like it. Have not wear khakis for some time already so this is some kind of come back. Will definitely wear this style again next time most probably with a pair of boots or high heels.
Anyway, this is the last post for HFW 2012. Alhamdulillah I have managed to post all seven looks required and happy to complete the challenges. Hope to participate in the next HFW later. Till then, adieu!

I {heart} HFW.


Nina Zee said... the clutch :)

M.y.A said...

Oh masyallah thanks so much for ur nice comments! It means so much to me! And I love ur look relax and laid-back! Insyallah will c u next HFW!!

phatgurl said...

Salam and thank you for dropping by Nina Zee :-)

phatgurl said...

M.y.A - insyaallah, hope to see you again in the next HFW.

Arya Stark said...

hi dear! loving ur style there =) hey, im selling pretty dian pelangi shawls exclusive from indonesia.. many pretty prints to choose from. we have kaftans n tunics as well... check it out at
hehe sorry promote kt sini pulak =)

phatgurl said...

Hi Dina, no worries. I memang slalu visit your blog jugak actually so already knew about it ;-) Anything I'll buzz u ye.

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