Wednesday, July 25, 2012

:: protect & whitens ::

- Do you want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays?

- Do you want your skin to look naturally flawless?

- Do you want to have a fairer skin tone?

If you say yes to all or even any of the questions above, you might need to consider wearing this powerful lil thing:


I have to admit that I did not really care about UV rays before but now after learning about the short term and long term effects, I have made a move to wear sunscreen as my daily routine. Perfect Sunscreen by Cosmoderm is the best choice because besides protecting my skin from harmful UV up till 8 hours with Sun Protective Factor (SPF35) and PA+++ (maximum protection from UVA), it also works as a foundation. What I like the most is its silky smooth texture and its ability to cover blemishes only with thin layer of application, hence makes one bottle lasts longer than it should be. Hey, that's value for money ;-) My skin even feels smoother thanks to the sunflower oil and hopefully the jojoba oil plus vitamin E can help to reduce that nasty shingle scar on my forehead.

Perfect Sunscreen not only suitable for ladies but also for gents and comes in 5 shades: Nude (suitable for teenagers and men), Natural Pink, Natural Beige, Medium Beige and Tawny Beige. Price for 30ml is RM29.90 and last but not least, Cosmoderm products are Halal as certified by JAKIM. Gunakan tanpa was-was ya! 

This is the perfect time to try Perfect Sunscreen because they are currently having this contest where you could win up to RM1,000 cash in their 'Pertandingan Rebut Duit Raya'. Just snap a before and after photo of yourself wearing the product and upload it on their Facebook page. There's no harm trying. Just imagine if you are the lucky winner - you would walk away with RM1,000 cash to spend for Hari Raya and that is equivalent to many pieces of new clothes, shoes or how ever you want to spend it. Why wait? Contest runs from 1st July until 5th August 2012.

By the way, here is Cosmoderm's model of the day (ihiks):

Visit here for more details on Cosmoderm and its products:
official website:
facebook page: http://facebook/cosmoderm

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