Friday, September 28, 2012

:: pretty in pastel ::

On Friday (14.09.2012) two weeks ago, I had a fun time with my usual girlfriends. It was supposed to be a Raya gathering but everybody except Fila knew that it was also a surprise belated birthday celebration for her. Prior to D-day, the three of us (Nor, Rabby and myself) have been exchanging emails on the preparation in concurrent with another set of communication which included Fila. Organising a surprise party was exciting and I almost jumbled up the communication, yet we still managed to keep everything below the wavelength.

The gathering was set to be held at Wondermilk Citta Mall and the theme was 'pretty in pastel'. Nor and I arrived earlier to set up tables and chairs with balloons and our handmade party props while Rabby was in charged to usher the birthday girl. Soon as Fila entered Wondermilk, we gave her a loud "SURPRISE!". Since her birthday was two weeks earlier (30.08.2012), she was a bit confused and asked us "what is the surprise for?" :-P Haha... sorry for the delay Fila, but this kind of delay made you extra surprised right? (ayat kaver line).         

  The props and the belated birthday girl when she was being surprised

Girls will always be girls. We spent almost 30 minutes chatting and taking photos - posing with the props and the cupcakes before we ordered dinner. I brought along photobooth props I made for my unit's raya gathering so it was quite hillarious! It was a truly all-girls affair because for the first time after 15 months Ady did not tag along at our gathering. Sorry baby, next time you'll join us again okay.  

Each of us ordered Wondermilk El Presidente dinner set which consists of burger, fries and drinks for RM22.90. I took the Ultimate Super Burger with a thick beef patty and their Lemon Crush wondercooler for drink. We also ordered a baked potato which was shared between us. Their food was not so bad in taste and portion but to me their cupcakes were a bit too sweet for my liking. They were RM50 for 12 pieces and although the designs were uber cute, they were quite small for a 'maxi'.

Although it was Fila's birthday celebration, she was not the only one receiving gift because Nor, being the kindest girlfriend gave each of us a copy of "Yasmin How You Know?" book which is a compilation of fond memories her friends have about the late Yasmin Ahmad. For awhile, a social gathering became a book club meeting because everybody was indulged with the writings. 

The evening passed by with more giggles, laughters, smiles, photo shots... and a visit to Chatime. It was a fun night out and thank you God for giving me those wonderful ladies as my besties. Till we meet again, girls!        

The birthday girl received a gift coupon from Nor.
My prezzie will reach you soon ye Fila ;-)

So, did we look pretty in pastel?



hazera said...

I love you girls so so so sooooo much!!! muwahs!!

phatgurl said...

@hazera: i lap u! :-D

Balq15 said...

nice pants. maybe bcoz it's in mint colour!

phatgurl said...

Thank you Balq15. Punya la seksa cari mint green pants tu...almost 1 month baru jumpa sebab banyak tempat sold out.

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