Monday, October 1, 2012

:: what can be made with lace leftovers ::

When I went back to my home town last time I did a bit of spring cleaning in the closet and found a bag filled with remnants of fabrics from my wedding dress. There were balance of lace, net and satin which could be useful so I decided to bring them back home. On one Sunday night in early September I had some free time. Ady was already asleep and hubby was out with his friend so I thought of making something. Remembering about the remnants, I somehow got an idea and brought out the fabrics and necessary tools. Since I already own a handful of handmade necklace, the little something I made that night was different because it was a...

It took me around 30 minutes to get the end product. It was a simple project and just nice to fulfill leisure time before bed on a Sunday night. Here, let me show you the tutorial of making a lace headband using lace remnants.

1. Items required:
- Lace fabric
- Felt cloth
- Ribbons
- Velcro
- Needle
- Thread
- Fabric / multipurpose glue

2. Place the lace on top of felt cloth and secure with few needles. Identify the area to be used, preferably a patch of flower and sew nicely along the shape.

3. Cut along the shape.

4.  Measure ribbon on your head and attach it to the pattern with glue (UHU is my all-time favourite). Stick velcro at each end of the ribbon and voila, a lace headband is ready to be worn on the hair or on top of hijab as additional accessory :-)

Thought I would end this entry with one DIY project but no, it is not over yet. Last week when I was in PIL's house I saw a strap of pretty bold lace on my MIL's jubah sleeve. I have been searching for that kind of lace but have not find it anywhere here so I asked my MIL where did she get it. Turned out it was bought during her trip to Japan earlier this year. My MIL who must have known about my interest was kind enough to measure the lace on her jubah sleeves and lucky enough, there was a small balance just nice to make a piece of accessory. A handful of necklace is never enough in a lady's closet so last night; on another Sunday midnight another handmade necklace was born.

Didn't do much because the lace is already bold and beautiful. I just bought the chain from Ace Hardware (RM7.50 per metre but only use half metre) and carefully attached each end to the lace with needle and thread. Couldn't resist it so I straightaway wore the necklace to the office today. I was one happy lady *ngeeeee*. Wish I could get more of that lace so please let me know if you knew where I can get in here in Malaysia.

So there it goes. Two DIY items made of lace leftovers for inspirations. Actually we can do a lot more things with lace remnants such as decorating a plain tee or a handbag and turning it into a brooch or a bracelet. With time and a bit of creativity you may surprise with your own capability so let's start making something today :-)

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