Sunday, October 7, 2012

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Enough talking about shopping, fashion and me-self so I'm wearing the mommy's hat now and going to write about my lil' cutie pie, Ady Rifqi. It has been awhile and as at today, Ady is less than two weeks away from celebrating his 16th month anniversary. There was no update about him since Ramadhan thanks to his busy mama so I shall try my best to recap his growth and development through out the months.

- To be honest, I am always touched (with teary eyes T-T) when ever I see Ady showing new set of skills and if hubby is around I keep on saying to him "our baby is a big boy now". Alhamdulillah Ady has learnt a lot of new skills and growing very well. I remember when he was between 13 to 14 months he was able:
... to stack the colourful cubes or arrange them nicely side by side
... to take his toy out of the box then put it back and repeat the process again. 
... to offer an item for us to take. Sometimes he gave the item and took it back from our hand. One time,he offered hubby but when hubby opened his hand Ady tricked him (main acah-acah) and he laughed! Such a cheeky boy. 
... to start showing his interest into toys which he care less before.
... to hold fries and eat by his own. We were at McD in Taipan and he made this very cute face while biting and munching the fries, which I could still remember until today. Too bad I didn't get the chance to snap photo.

- Ady 'got his feet' at 13 month but his feet weren't too strong then. My friend, Isma who has experience working at day care centre in Melbourne said hard shoe soles provide more stability hence give more confident for babies to walk so we bought Ady a pair of bug shaped shoe from Uptown Kota Damansara because he only got pre-walking shoes. Nowadays Ady could almost run. Sometimes we let him walk at shopping malls but not too long because you know la... once he got freedom he just walked without looking and bothering about other people. Usually we only let him walk when we were inside a shop so it is easier to control. I have to say that ever since we lost our cat in a shopping mall, we are more conscious with the surroundings and never trust anybody.

- On the third last working day in Ramadhan, Ady's teacher advised me not to send him for another two days due to chicken pox outbreak in their nursery. Many kids and even teachers got chicken pox so Ady had to stay home. Since hubby took care of Ady on the first day, I felt sorry for him and brought Ady to the office on the next day. It was last day before Hari Raya long break so most people were already away. I didn't have much trouble actually because my office is inside a small room so I just let him roaming around and he obviously enjoyed such freedom. 

- Guess what? We spent Merdeka at a suite but no, it was not a hotel suite. Two nights earlier Ady suddenly threw up during his sleep. I was really surprised and worried because I had never seen someone vomit while he / she is in deep sleep. Anyway, Ady kept on vomitting until the next day so we decided to send him for checkup and apparently he was infected with chicken pox. Poor baby. He had to wear drip and the three of us spent two nights in SDMC. One thing I hate about SDMC paed wards is the fact that they are always fully occupied. My company's insurance only allow single bedded room but that night there were none available except the suite so I had to cover the difference. By the way Ady was mad at the nurses because of the drip so he showed tantrum when ever a nurse came to check him. Ady was lucky because he did not get high fever so the virus went away fast and he was back to school on Tuesday. As informed by the doctor, early medication helps to recover chicken pox faster so if your child has any sign of chicken pox, better take him / her to the hospital immediately. Another tip is to apply calamine lotion on all new bumps so they could dry before transmitting the virus to other skin area.

- Officially, Ady first word is "tak". At the beginning I thought it was just a baby language word but when he said it because he really doesn't want something then it shows he knew the meaning. He said it between 13 to 14 months old and instead of saying "no" to warn him from doing something, we just said "tak" and he stopped (but that doesn't happen every time la because sometimes he pura-pura tak faham. LoL). Other words after tak are "nak" (want) and "nah" (offering / giving something). So far he still doesn't know how to say "mama" or "papa" yet even I have taught him so many times. Maybe he wants to train himself until he could speak both one after another so there will be no hard feelings between me and mr.hubs. Haha.

- Nowadays Ady shakes his head when he doesn't want something. He showed such capability since few weeks ago and we were impressed. Anyhow, it is funny because he actually doesn't know to nod so he only shake his head to any question. 

Mama: Ady, do you want to eat this?
Ady: *shake head*
Mama: Do you want to sleep?
Ady: *shake head*
Mama: Do you love me?
Ady: *shake head*
Mama: T-T (hwaaaaa...!!!)

- It is interesting to see Ady with his own lil' imagination. We have seen him 'drinking' from the toy block, 'eating' from a container and the cutest of all is 'talking on a phone' while walking and he made it as if he was really talking to someone with the pause and all. Haha. He usually talk on a phone with our mobile phone or any toy by holding it to his ear.

- Nowadays Ady is obsess with nursery rhymes. He loves watching nursery rhymes and his most favourite song is 'If You're Happy'. We let him watch the clips through YouTube on iPad or sometimes on TV and most of the time the clips are from Muffin Songs channel. They are the best because they offer hundreds of songs which can be played continuously. I remember having my own casette of nursery rhymes back in the days so I also enjoy watching the clips with Ady and sing along with some of the songs. Ady has his own favourite lists so he would laugh, clap hands and even dance to his favourite nursery rhymes. Since two weeks ago he started and ended his day with nursery rhymes treat. Since he is not very keen of books, they can be medium of learning too so I don't mind him hijacking my iPad. Ady usually concentrates at watching the clips with serious look as if he is saying "please do not disturb me".

This has become a very long post so I guess that's it for now. Despite some challenges here and there, nothing could beat the happiness of being a mother. Among the best moment is watching him smiling when he sees me coming back from work to fetch him. Stress at work? Tired of traffic jam? No more - all gone! Syukran ya Allah for the most wonderful, precious gift and as long as I live, I promise to give the best for my lil baby (insyaallah). 

I must say I'm obsess with taking Ady's photos so I am ending this post with more photos of his. Thank you for reading :-)


Wendy said...

I loved reading this post Siti. Ady has grown so much. He is very cute and it seems to me that he is having a great personality. Funny, cheeky BUT loveable too. You and Adiel have done a wonderful job with him. You should be very proud.

phatgurl said...

Dear Wendy, thank you for leaving such wonderful remarks. Our learning curve as parents is only at the beginning. Still a long way to go ahead and we are trying our best to give enough love and care for our precious Ady.

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