Friday, December 21, 2012

:: ady rifqi is 18 ::

Ady Rifqi is 18 months on Monday, 17.12.12.

God, it has been a year and a half? My baby is getting bigger and bigger and soon I am so gonna miss this moment. Besides his daddy, my little baby is one of the greatest gift ever. Since my last update about him, Ady has learnt a lot of new skills and capabilities. We should thank his nursery for teaching him because Ady could understand simple instructions in Malay and English language ever since he was 16 months. I was so impressed one day when I asked him to get my handphone and he did. Apart from that, other significant development and skills he got so far are:

- At 16 months he was able to grab the hair brush and comb his hair. When instructed, he went and took the brush from the drawer and sit still while we comb his hair.

- Praying together with us. He stand still, do the takbir then sujud and repeat it for few times. He really impressed us when he did it for the first time.

- Previously Ady only knew how to shake his head but now he knows how to nod since he was 16 months. It makes things much easier because then only we know whether he wants something or not. If he doesn't nod, he just said "uhh" to answer the question which also means "agree / ok".

Above: Lazing around in bed
Below: Ady enjoying himself in playland at Setia City Mall

- Ady loves shower time. According to the nanny, when being told it is shower time Ady will go and take his towel inside his bag. He also knows to take off his pants and even his own diapers. Such a clever boy. At home, he always plays with the rubber pipe and 'wash' the toilet or shower himself. He also asked for the cloth brush and scrubbed the floor, trying to be helpful. He also likes playing with the pails.

- Alhamdulillah until now Ady eats most food we fed him. He doesn't mind spicy food but not very keen of fruits. He could drink from cup since few months back but only recently learnt to drink with straw. He can eat by himself actually but at home I only give him finger food. Sorry for that baby, but mama couldn't stand mess...huhu.

- His love for iPad still continues. These days he could handle it much better and independently; swiping the page left to right and choose any app he wants. He still likes watching nursery rhymes either on the tablet or tv. He knows how to turn on the tv hen instructed us to play the nursery rhymes. We have 20mb broadband at home now and he surely knows how to fully utilise it :-P

Ady and car steering - they are inseparable!

- If Ady wants something he will come and pat us lightly, looking at us with a cute face then point at what he wants. No way we could say no. Good strategy, eh.

- Yeah, he still talks in his own language but few weeks ago he said "ama" (his voice is cute) few times because he really wanted me to carry him. Unless he wants to convey something, Ady is usually quiet at home. Recently he has learnt to shout with high pitch when he doesn't get what he wants, which is quite annoying. Other than that, he is always the sweetest boy. If he knows how to talk, he must have asked a lot of questions because when ever we are outside the house, he likes to point everywhere and babble a lot.


- Ady loves playing with the cats. He laughed every time our cats ran from him. Sometimes he chats with them or stroke their back. Actually he likes Ginger the most and I have seen him kissing Ginger few times (Ginger also kissed Ady) but Ginger doesn't want to stay at our new home. He keeps on going back to the old neighbourhood which is few blocks away. So sad. 

- Nowadays Ady shake hands and wave good bye to our families and friends. He recognizes who is Tok Wan, Opah, Atuk, Nenek and also his aunties and uncles. 

Showing his shopping skill - something he surely adapts from his mama :-D

At 18 months Ady is still clingy, especially with me. Sometimes it is quite tiring but this moment would not last forever so I always say to myself to cherish this moment as much as I can. Spending beautiful moments with my own son is just priceless. Thank you God.

"I love you, baby!"

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