Friday, December 28, 2012

:: wonderful weekend ::

The weekend that has just passed was well spent with mi familia. I had a long weekend; 5 days break to be exact because I was on leave since Friday until Christmas Day and it was great.

On Friday I spent half of the day with myself. After sending Ady to nursery at 10am I stopped by at our neighbourhood mamak for an early lunch then returned home doing some chores and took a nap. It was a relaxing day, something I really need to rejuvenate my mind and body. Later in the evening I picked up Ady from nursery and brought him to Summit USJ for a mother & son bonding session. Bought him a new toy car and spent most of the time at Chatime enjoying their pearl milk tea with Subway's cookies. Since Ady was due for his 18-month vaccination we brought him to the clinic later for a shot and just like previous ones he only cried for few seconds. It is Ady's last compulsory vaccination as a baby and that indirectly means he is no longer a baby. Huhuhu.

On the next day, 22nd December we went back to my hometown in Labu, Negeri Sembilan for my cousin's wedding. It was great because we got to meet my extended family members and as for Ady, he enjoyed walking and looking at hens and rabbits. After the event we went window shopping at motorbike shop in Nilai and later to Aeon Seremban 2 with my two little sisters.

We spent a night at my parents' house but before we reached home on the next day, we stopped by at Summit USJ (again) to kill time. As usual, Ady enjoyed himself 'riding' his favourite toy car. I don't know what to call it but it is the mini car or animals available in shopping malls where children can ride. It usually moves up down left right and plays song when we put coins or tokens but we are lucky indeed because Ady doesn't like it moving. He just wants to play with the steering and that's it so our coins are save. Good boy! Anyway that day we managed to bought a school bag for Ady. It was his first school bag and he looked like a big boy when wearing it. Nowadays Ady will drag his diaper bag when he sees us arrive to fetch him from nursery so now it is easier for him to wear the bag at the back instead.

On the next day Ady wore his first school bag to school for the first time. Hubby sent him because I was on leave and I got teary eyes when my baby waved goodbye from the car with a smile on his face. My little baby has grown up and mama is emotional about it...huhuhu. After they went off I started having my own sweet time at home and the first thing I did was watching this telemovie called 'Cik Paris Diva Kampung' on YouTube. The telemovie was shown on Astro Prima the other day but I did not manage to watch it and I just knew it was directed by my then MMU lecturer, Ghaz Abu Bakar. It was a chic flic (main character was played by the gorgeous Liyana Jasmay) and such a sweet story but I got frustrated because the ending part was not uploaded. Arrgggh...!

Anyway I continued my ME-Day arranging clothes in my pink wardrobe room. We have moved for a month but that room is still incomplete until today and I don't know why it happened because that should be my most favourite area of the house. Well I did not manage to complete it that day either. Later that evening the three of us spent our time at Mid Valley and for the consecutive time, we still did some shopping for Ady and brought home new tops and pants.

On Christmas Day we spent our quality time as a family and brought Ady out for train ride so he could view the surroundings. We took a KTM commuter train from Subang Jaya station to KL Sentral, strolled around the station and then took an LRT to Pasar Seni station. We then walked to Petaling Street and returned to the station again then went back to KL Sentral and Subang Jaya. It was a good experience and perhaps we should repeat it next time rather than spending a day in shopping mall like we usually did.

It was a wonderful weekend indeed, a perfect weekend at the end of the year and now, the last weekend of year 2012 has already started. Hopefully it is going to be a pleasant one too and a great ending for our 2012.  

Last but not least, allow me to share this pic-of-the-week:

Have a great weekend!
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