Tuesday, March 5, 2013

:: chiffon flower corsage diy ::

I have not done any DIY project ever since we moved to the new house since end of November last year but after meeting a friend and saw her fluffy fabric corsage last week I got inspired to return to the crafty world. All these while, most of my DIY projects involved felt cloth because felt is cheap (bought it at Daiso, only RM5 for a huge piece) but when Diana said she made hers using remnants bought at fabric store I said to myself "why didn't I think of that before?". Fabric corsage looks more sophisticated and formal than felt so it is a must have because it can helps to enhance any plain shirt.

Instead of buying remnants from the shop I however sought some from my mother-in-law who apparently has three bags full of fabrics leftovers. From several pieces of fabrics I took, the one that attracted me the most was this particular three tone chiffon in my favourite shades of green-white-pink. At first I wanted to make similar corsage like Diana did, which she already shared the YouTube tutorial on my FB page but while searching the internet I found another tutorial, went on with that one and happy with the end result that look like this:

It may look complicated but it is not that hard to make. Items needed are:

- Long piece of fabric (chiffon, polyester or any soft fabric)
- Needle and thread
- Small piece of felt in circle shape
- Decorations for flower center: beads / crystals / buttons / sequins
- Glue
- Pin


1. Fold the fabric downward and sew all the way at the bottom from one end to another. Length and size of the fabric determines size of the flower. No need to sew it nicely because the intention is to pull the thread and produce ruffles as below.

2. When ruffles are created, roll the fabric in spiral to create a flower. Secure the base with glue or sew with thread.

3. Attach the circle shape felt to the flower base with glue, then attach pin to the felt as below.

4. End with decoration of your choice on the center of the flower.

proudly wearing my own creation to office today

Using the same technique, I also made a small brooch for my mother-in-law as a way to say thank you for the pretty fabrics :-)

I still have few more fabrics to work with. Will try to make different one next and update if the project is a success. Stay tune!


shoes.handbag.closet said...

lovely...now i can make my own brooch since it's so hard to find brooch here...thx for the tips :-)

phatgurl said...

you're welcome. good luck with your creation! :-)

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