Monday, September 23, 2013

:: sinful moist choc cake ::

I am a chocolate lover. I used to munch a lot of chocolate bars (yeah, munching it not sucking it like some people hence explains many holes in my teeth) and the greatest achievement is when I managed to finish up the largest size of Cadbury bar in 30 minutes during univ days. Maybe due to over consuming I don't really eat chocolate bars often these days but I still prefer chocolate above other flavours for my ice cream (chocolate cookie crackle from Baskins Robbins), sundae (chocolate sundae from McD) and cake (chocolate fudge from Secret Recipe).

In early Ramadhan my friend shared on her FB timeline about this rich moist chocolate cake she bought from Petronas. Few days later I got stuck in the rain under a tent in Pasar Ramadhan and somehow the cake was sold there so I bought one to try. I have been a fan ever since that. Anis Choc Moist Cake definitely fulfill my craving as a chocolate lover. Rich, moist, tasty and sinful - the succulent texture dissolves into my mouth one after another till everything is gone. Sedap giler!

I usually buy the cake from Petronas station near my home at RM5.00 while a large version in rectangular container is sold at RM11.00.

Note to all chocolate lovers: try it to believe it.


Anonymous said...

im selling choc moist also.. price only rm3.. very moistttt.. can blogwalking at tq :)

Anonymous said...

can I buy this in JB???

Anonymous said...

Hai dear :)
saya yana wakil dari Kak ANIS, founder Anis Choc Moist Cake

nak sampai kan pesan kak Anis to say million thanks for your appreciation toward our LOVE Cake :)

entry lama, kami baru jumpa..hehehe...
keep in touch kayyy ^_^

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