Sunday, October 13, 2013

:: create your own watch strap ::

Just like other weekends, I stayed up late last night to have my own sweet me-time. I went into my little wardrobe room looking at things and there were the watches, one of it with the handmade studded strap I have made and blogged about many months ago. I was actually looking for an activity and when my eyes saw this particular watch, given by my-then-boyfriend-now-hubby for my birthday many years ago I somehow got a "light bulb" (just like how Gru said it in Despicable Me, if you noticed the scene). The watch has three sets of interchangable straps in white, black and monogram; and me being me, decided to make the fourth one in red so I could match it with my red outfit next time :-P
The Before and the After pic.
It is just a simple one actually, made in less than 30 minutes but the key message that I am sharing here is creating our own watch strap according to our taste, colour, preference and theme is limitless. All we need is a bit of time and effort. 
3 basic items needed:
1. Felt fabric for the strap (other materials: leather, ribbon, printed fabrics)
2. Velcro to secure the strap
3. Ribbon as the deco (other materials: buttons, studs, crystals, etc)
3 easy steps involved:
1. Cut the fabric into a long strap
2. Sew the ribbon to the strap
3.  Stick velcro at each end
Easy? ;-)
...and look who accompanied me last night in his sleep...
That's Neslo.
...and here is my small collection of watches, with different look and style...
I am planning to have a new strap for another watch later, but in more complicated look. Will blog about it once the project is done.
By the way, if any of you is also into DIY / handmade accessories like me, do share your links at the comment section so I could visit your page. Let's support each other because as we know it, sharing is caring *wink wink*
Last but not least, 
to my blog readers.
Thank you for reading :-)
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