Monday, May 30, 2011

:: thank you touch n go ::

May is the toughest month for us this year. Only a day left for June to arrive and hopefully a new month brings us better luck, rezeki and joy. Despite the bad news and challenges something (finally) made me a bit happy. Last Friday I went out with Nor so I dropped by at the NPE office on my way back to get my Touch n Go rebate. It has been a while since I last received the rebate so I was just trying my luck and surprisingly I got this:

My rebate amount is RM129.44!

To me that is one big amount and I felt great because I didn't expect that at all. Alhamdulillah, rezeki and at least it can cover a month of toll expenses to the hospital later, in fact it is more than enough.

In case you didn't know, Malaysian Government started the 20% toll rebate programme for frequent Touch n Go users since September 2009 in which users have to use their Touch n Go for minimum of 80 times a month to qualify. Basically, to get 80 transactions per month means you have to use the toll 4 times daily so you will automatically qualify if you are using the NPE to work from end to end like me. Before anything, users will have to register first at and 20% rebate will be given out of transaction amount in that particular month which users could redeem from Touch N Go card reload centres nationwide. 

Government has increased the fuel price, electricity tariff and many other things so better grab this opportunity before they decided to stop it.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

:: free mini lipice ::

I am a LipIce loyal user since univ days and a tube of LipIce Fruity lip balm is a must have item inside my handbag. It never fails to moisturise my lips and I personally believe it also protects them from darkening even though I've been wearing lipstick almost everyday for years. Their lip balm comes in 4 fruity flavours which are strawberry, grape, apple and lemon... and my favourites are strawberry and apple. Not only that, I also like wearing LipIce Sheer Colour which automatically turns my lips into natural pink without the need of wearing any lipstick. 

Last month LipIce Malaysia on their Facebook page launched an app called Society of Sistas which allow their fans to send cute photo message of themselves with their sisters or BFFs. Just upload a pic, decorate with available stickers and wallpapers, write a personalised message and send it to your sisters or BFFs. Best part of all is receiving a FREE mini LipIce in your mailbox like what I got 2 weeks ago:

Can you see the tiny mini LipIce Fruity?

How cute it is when compared to a 20 cents coin

Wanna have your own mini LipIce fruity? Fret not cuz LipIce Malaysia just announced last Monday that Society of Sistas is back!

Just like their page, join the app and wait for the mini LipIce to arrive in your mailbox. Thank you LipIce. Muahx!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

:: simple satisfying dinner ::

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you must have noticed I like cooking simple dishes. The truth is, I'm not a good cook and when I'm alone at home I prefer having something simple yet able to fulfill my hunger. To me simple means easy and quick to be prepared, just like my all time favourite dish; baked / jacket potato which only takes 5 minutes preparation time.

I only ate a bowl of cereal and nestum for brunch today. Late in the evening just now my hunger pangs arrived so I made myself a simple dinner from whatever available in the kitchen:

Marina brand Fish Fingers, the best fish fingers in town + russet potato + cream of mushroom

*Prep time: 15 minutes

- Heat the pan and boil some water while peeling the potato
- Cook the potato in the microwave for 3 and a half minutes
- Fry the fish fingers
- Make thick batter for gravy by mixing together cream of mushroom and boiling water
- Slice the potato, insert some butter in the middle, pour gravy and shake some pepper on top

End Result:
Golden Fish Fingers with Potato and Gravy

It took me 10 minutes to clear 'em all.
Simple and Simply Delicious!

:: now i know ::

I was browsing through my "photos of you" album in my Facebook profile and found these pics:

The first photo was taken in July 2010 during hubby's friend's wedding meanwhile the second photo was taken in October 2010 with our friends / hosts in Melbourne. 

Looking at those photos made me realised of something...'s nothing important...

...yeah, nothing much...


...I just realised how slim I was before! :-D

The BIG question now is, could I shed these extra KGs after giving birth? wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

:: how to make paper napkin dress ::

Here is another baby shower related tutorial for all of you. When I Googled napkin fold for baby shower, most of the ideas were diaper shape napkin but since I didn't buy any napkin pin to complete the look I continued my search and found this tutorial at HowDoesShe.

It's paper napkin dress and making one is effortlessly easy. Not only for baby shower, this dress-shaped napkin is also perfect to complete your table arrangement for bridal shower, casual tea party, birthday party or japanese-themed party (since the dress looks like a kimono). 

What you need:
- Paper napkins
- Ribbons / Beads for decoration
- Scissors

> Step 1: Take one paper napkin

> Step 2: Fold each side of the napkin to the center

> Step 3: Fold it into half

> Step 4: Cut a triangle shape at the side for arms and on top for neckline

> Step 5: Open the fold and you have a dress!

> Step 6: Make a bow with a ribbon and glue it in the middle of the dress. Add a bead to enhance the look and it's all done ;-)

Footnote: just prepare plain napkins in case your guests found the napkin is too adorable and cute to wipe their mouths with. Well, my guests did... happy trying!

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:: tutorial-cute soother favor for baby shower ::

It has been a while since I last made a handmade craft project so I was pretty excited to make one for my baby shower tea party - just for fun. At first I planned to make a burp cloth cupcake but thought it wasn't baby-related enough so out of nowhere I somehow got this idea of making the favor using baby soother. I prefer giving away an item instead of food so my guests could keep it and who knows they will need it for whatever reason later.

As promised in my previous entry, here's the step-by-step guide to make a cute soother favor for a baby shower. By the way, I chose blue because I'm carrying a baby boy so you could make yours according to baby gender or party colour theme ;-)

Items Required:
- Baby soother
- Plastic container (another option is transparent box)
- Paper napkin
- Printed / coloured paper
- Ribbons
- Beads (other options are sequins, crystals, etc)
- Glue
- Scissors

> Step 1: Crumple a napkin into the container.

> Step 2: Make paper curls out of printed / coloured paper by cutting them into thin strips. With sharp end of the scissors, pull the paper from end to end with a sliding motion to create a curl. Put some inside the container. 

> Step 3: Make a bow with a ribbon. Fold it into number 8 and glue in the middle. 

> Step 4: Glue the bow on soother's handle. 

> Step 5: Wrap the bow with another ribbon in the middle and add a bead to enhance it. 

> Step 6: Place the soother inside the container.

(*idea: you could also place a small thank you note inside the container)

Items for Finishing:
- Transparent cling wrap
- Plastic container cover
- Ribbon

> Step 7: Measure and place the cling wrap on top of the container. 

> Step 8: Wrap and secure the cling wrap tightly around the container (*note: pretty tricky - require lots of patience). 

> Step 9: Glue the cover below the container as a base and decorate with ribbon and beads according to preference. 

You now have a cute soother favor for your guests. Perfect for baby shower or any kind of baby-related events. Good luck!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

:: my baby shower tea party ::

Last Saturday we were having a simple baby shower tea party at my house. There were only 4 of us as usual; Fila, Nor, Rabby and myself. Rynn was supposed to join us too but she had to cancel her attendance last minute because her daughter got chicken pox. The session was not really a baby shower though but it was more like our usual 'makan-makan' and gossiping session so it was more like a BFF Tea Party instead ;-)

Although it was just a simple party with the same attendees, I still wanted to create nice ambience to cherish the moment so I set a simple table arrangement for all of us. I have always wanted to use the cute, colourful fine bone china tea set we got as wedding present and I finally managed using them. They were 4 set of cups and saucers in 4 different colours; blue, pink, green and yellow. Not only that, I also googled and made special napkin fold in a shape of a shirt; and not forgetting a baby shower themed door gift for everyone. Honestly, I was really into these kind of stuff and really enjoyed making them.

Nor was the first to arrive. Rabby then came with her homemade quiche and followed by Fila who arrived with her club sandwich and popia. I only made pancakes, served with peaches in syrup and hershey's chocolate... and also strawberry flavoured tea for the drinks. At first we started eating without Nor because she had to collect desserts that she have ordered. The three of us were already 3/4 full when Nor returned with 12 cupcakes, 10 creampuffs and 7 blueberry cheese tarts. It was food heaven, enuff said!

I was wearing my new Diva necklace. Over & 'meriah' but I like! ;-)

We didn't do anything else except eating and chatting at the dining table for few hours, but it was fun to me. I always love spending time with my besties and these are the few people who I rely the most after hubby and family, among the few who never fail giving their endless support in any condition. We could just sit, eat and talk for many hours and actually this tea party was our third gathering within a week. On Wesak public holiday, I invited Fila and Rabby for lunch and we were eating and chatting at the dining table for almost 7 hours non-stop without realising it. Two days later, Nor came with Fila for dinner and there goes another brief eating and chatting session. This tea party was the third eating and chatting session... and yes, we do have a lot to talk about all the time... hehehe.

So, that was it. To all my BFFs, thank you so much for the great company + great food. Really appreciate the friendship and thank you for always being there *hugs*.

Next I will share the step-by-step guide for the napkin fold and also for the baby shower door gift in case anybody is interested. Just wait and see... In the meantime, toodles and take care!

:: hello kittens! ::

Say hello to these 4 lil' cuties...

These kittens have been staying at our house since last Friday. They belong to KoKo, a cat at my hubby's shop. KoKo first came to the shop almost the same time as KiKi and although she is in different colour we still think both of them might be siblings because of some similar features. KoKo can be considered as modernopc's cat because she will come to the shop everyday to have her meals or napping during the day. She gave birth to two kittens last December but one day they were adopted by someone when they were left inside their box house in front of the shop. KoKo is a very protective mother who loves her kittens very much. She was lost and depressed for 2 weeks because her babies were missing but luckily she was pregnant again soon after.

"Hi, I'm KoKo"

When she gave birth to these four babies few weeks ago they were left at somewhere else until one day last week she came to hubby's shop with all her kittens. Afraid that someone will took the kittens away if they were left in front of the shop at night, hubby brought home the whole family together for an overnight and brought them back to the shop on the next day. Hubby then trust the family and left them sleeping inside the shop at night, but it went on for only two nights because last Friday's afternoon KoKo went out for her usual walk and didn't return to the shop like she always did. Since her babies still rely on their mother and already cried for milk, they couldn't be left just like that so that evening, hubby brought them home.

 "aren't they cute???"

We never handled a kitten before but we felt so sorry for the babies especially when they were hungry. They were used to drink milk directly from their mom so they didn't know how to drink from feeding bottle and plate. Luckily we still got KiKi's medicine syringe and managed to make them drink with the syringe. Kittens are very cute indeed and they are just like other babies. One thing for sure, just let them sleep peacefully because once a kitten is awake, the other 3 will awake too and started "crying" endlessly.

It has been 3 nights. Until I'm typing this, KoKo has not yet returned and we have started to worry because she was not very healthy for 2 days until the day she left the shop. As I said earlier, KoKo is a very protective mom. It's impossible for her to ignore the babies just like that so hopefully nothing bad happened to her. Please pray together with us for her to return..... KoKo, your babies need you. Please come back ye :-(

p/s: I miss KiKi.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

:: votes needed ::

I really really need your favour to help me...

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:: simple french toast ::

I'm typing this from home. Yes, home! Went to the hospital yesterday with all my belongings, ready to be admitted to ward with heavy heart but alhamdulillah doctor found my placenta has moved up a bit hence didn't require me to be admitted. For the second time, we went back home and me, with a smile on my face. I still got the placenta previa though but currently in stage 1 (last week it was stage 2) and if the placenta keeps on moving away from the cervix door I can deliver my baby in a normal way instead of cesarean. There are only few weeks left and hopefully good news awaits me at the end. Insyaallah.

This ain't supposed to be an entry about my condition, so consider the above as a brief update of what's currently going on with my life. Although I was not admitted to ward, I was still not allowed to work so I'm staying home until my next appointment on 1 June 2011. I realised that hot and humid weather somehow "paralysed" me from doing anything. I just sat on the couch with my iPad and slept twice since noon. Thank God it was raining at 4 something just now. Since I didn't had lunch, my tummy was hungry for something to eat so I made myself an easy yet healthy food which is the French Toast.

had my toasts with tomato ketchup & mango juice

Last time I did blog about my passion towards bread and even shared 10 of my favourite ways of serving / eating bread. This is the post that I meant in case you didn't read it earlier, but that didn't include french toasts because I never made it before. I remember eating french toasts when a friend brought it when we were in primary school but since my mother never made it for me, I never knew that making one is very easy until hubby wanted to eat it few months back. 

Eventually, what we need to make simple french toasts are only:
- Eggs
- White breads
- Non-stick pan

* The ratio is 1 egg = 2 breads, so it's easy for us to plan how many eggs are required with a number of breads to be used.

1. Pre-heat the non-stick pan
2. Beat the eggs and add a pinch of salt if you want
3. Soak a bread into the egg mixture
4. Place, flip and cook until it turns golden brown
5. Ready to be served

You could eat the toasts with anything you like. My husband likes having them with kaya and I like eating them with tomato ketchup. Just now I tried having them with both ketchup and mayonaisse... and they tasted great. This simple french toast is not only easy and tasty but also very healthy because did you realise there is no oil involved? Just try it and you won't regret. Cheers!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

:: another month to go ::

Sorry for the lack of update, yet thank you for those who still visiting my blog. I haven't work since Tuesday last week actually, it's already a week but seriously I did nothing much except for sleeping and playing with my iPad. Intended to update my blog but I couldn't force myself enough. Last Saturday was the worst because I woke up late, watched tv while surfing the Net, took a nap while watching CSI, woke up for awhile and then slept again for the second time in the evening. Can't stand such boredom but that's how bored my life is these days :-(

I was supposed to be hospitalised since last Thursday but my doctor was on emergency leave so the appointment was postponed to the next day. I already brought all the necessities but in the end brought them back home because the doctor gave another chance for me to make arrangement with PMCare on the hospitalisation eligibility. I was more than happy to be back home but for not too long cuz I need to be hospitalised starting this Wednesday. This is my 34th week so expect me to stay there for another 4 weeks before I could give birth and that is actually equivalent to 1 month! 

Despite its boring-ness, previous week was another challenging week for me actually. My right foot was badly hurt and still sore until today. I went to office on Monday, ate a bowl of laksa served in Payroll Unit's party and on the next day found myself itching all over upper parts of my body ie. ears, face, neck, armpit and fingers. Why I blamed that laksa? Because it has very strong belacan smell and my boss who also ate it got all itchy too. I only put external medication to control the itchiness due to pregnancy so I kept on scratching here and there most of the time. It got better on Friday morning but guess what, all those redness somehow turned into dark patches! There were dark patches around my eyes and I looked like someone who just got punched on both eyes because the dark patches were uneven. I looked like an abused victim for 3 days and even Bee was worried that people will blame him for that. Consecutively, I was also attacked with flu and once again didn't take any medication so I just have to bare with it until it was gone yesterday. 

Another tough week gone and now I really need someone to give me at least one good news that can make me happy. Please.

Anyway, let me share with you how my huge tummy and I look like nowadays... and look, I was also wearing the bandage socks on my right foot.
The above pic was taken in the morning before I ate the itchy laksa. The best part is, I won't stand on that spot again for another 3 months (woohooo!). By the way, despite its look the huge looking tummy hardly disrupts me from moving around like usual except that I got tired a bit faster than before. Alhamdulillah I still manage to pray like usual and one of my colleague was amazed with that because some people have started praying while seating at this stage. There was fire drill in the office last 3 weeks and I even walked down the stairs from my office at the 10th floor. I was already categorised as "disable" person and allowed to take the emergency lift but the lift was too slow and I couldn't stand waiting so I just walked down with everybody else. In the end, other "disable" people who kept on waiting for the lift didn't go down at all because until the fire drill ended and everybody was upstairs, they still didn't get the lift. Imagine if it was really an emergency. They could have died.....

Nothing much differs from the previous month. Our lil one is an active boy as he keeps on kicking and I'm sure gonna miss those kicks later. He has been with with me for nearly 8 and a half month now and I couldn't wait to see him, to hold him in my arms. Our life is changing already and soon we're going to be mama and papa... hehe.  I know this is a very long entry but just bear with me for a little while ya because I wanna share another pic, which is our baby's bag:
Those are the items that we will bring to the hospital and they are:

- Tops with buttons (2 long sleeves & 2 short sleeves)
- Trousers (2 shorts & 2 longs)
- Barut (4 pieces)
- Newborn diapers
- Baby wipes
- Burp clothes (4 pieces)
- Minyak Yuyi Cap Limau
- Swaddle blanket
- Receiving blanket
- Cap
- Booties & mittens (2 sets)
- Napkins (3 pieces)

I think that is more than enough, but please let me know in case I forgot anything else. I guess that's the ending to this post. In the meantime, hope you could pray the best for me and see ya later! Good nite.....zZzZz.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: still in pain ::

I haven't move on. Not yet.

Every single day I'm still hoping to see her again, to cuddle her inside my arm, to feel the warmth of her fur, to see her sleep, to let her lick my do everything we used to do together.

I am used to have her around from I opened my eyes in the morning until I closed my eyes at night. She was my companion and it's just too early to let her go.

Every single day I keep on saying to myself, hoping she would listen.

"mama sayang KiKi, mama rindu KiKi".

I'm still in pain. In deep pain...and nobody could stop me from feeling this.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

:: tough week ::

It was a very challenging week for both of us. We lost our KiKi on Monday and late that night when we were back at Sunway Pyramid making official report to the security, I sprained my right foot (terpelecok kaki). I have to bear the pain and couldn't walk properly but I thought it will recover by itself later.

It was my 32-weeks appointment at Hospital Putrajaya on the very next day. We chose the hospital because of its Private Wing / Full Paying Patient (FPP) facilities but it was our first time there so we didn't have any clue on the whereabouts. We were asked to go to the clinic area and register at the registration counter. As you may have known, government servants are typically stereotyped as unfriendly, slow, inefficient and many other negative remarks. Well, people won't simply stereotyped people if it ain't true, rite? After completing the form with all my details, the guy who attended us typed all the info in their system and at one point asked whether I got a handphone number. I said to him, it was already stated there but he still insisted because he kept on looking at my office number instead. We were asked to pay RM110. I told him I already got GL from my insurance but according to him we still have to pay because they don't take GL. He then asked me another question "are you working with Government?" which again annoyed me because it was already stated in the form I worked at Telekom Malaysia. Pfttttt....!

We then went to the O&G clinic counter. The nurse asked me to check my weight so I went to the scaling machine, which was behind her and waited. Ok, she didn't come so I guessed I have to check the weight by myself? I did and informed her my weight, which was only 0.1 kg more than previous month. She checked my blood pressure and it was 100/60 instead of the usual 110/60 (maybe due to what had happened to us within the last 15 hours). Luckily she didn't ask me to check my pulse by myself because when she later asked me to get urine test, everything was DIY. There was instruction where you were asked to take only 1 test tape, pee, dip the tape, show it to the nurse and throw the tape in a specific waste bin. 

We were asked to wait and being an FPP, they allowed me to skip the queue. Despite that we still need to wait for 30 minutes before my name was called. I personally chose Dr. Hamidah, the O&G specialist after being recommended by hubby's friend and after brief research through out the Internet. Thank God she was nice, because after what I've went through earlier I was already thinking of going to a private hospital in the next appointment. The doctor asked about my condition and I told her about my placenta previa, which was the only concern through out my pregnancy. She scanned and showed that my placenta was only 1.2 cm away from the uterus door, hence categorised it as placenta previa type 1 to 2. 

Placenta previa is the condition when placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb (uterus) and covers all or part of the opening to cervix. It is still 50-50 whether I can have normal delivery or need to undergo Caesarian because I'm only in week 32 and there is still slight chance for the placenta to move up. However, the doctor expressed her concern and instructed me to rush to the hospital if any bleeding occurs. She actually asked me to be warded, but I asked her to give me some time because many things need to be done. She gave me only a week and by next Thursday I have to come again with my belongings because she won't let me get away from being warded. 

I was given mc from that day until next Thursday and being advised to stay at home. Yeah right. On the next day I still went to the office though because there were many tasks need to be completed and furthermore, I have not yet prepared any handover notes to my colleagues. Planned to work until Friday but unfortunately I only managed going until Thursday because my sprained foot was swollen, blue (lebam) and hurt. At nearly 2:00 am Friday, Bee sent me to Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) to get treatment. The doctor was nice and he explained to us briefly about the condition:
  • When my foot was sprained some of the tissues were torn and bled inside so that time I should have put an ice pack immediately to stop the bleeding ---> which I didn't. Told him I just put an ice just few hours before that and he said no use already.
  • I should have not massage the sprained area because it will only make it bleeds ---> I actually did this and that's why the blood has spread and clot.
  • I could not take pain killer because according to him, pain killer can disable "labour" sign so he just asked me to wear bandage socks and gave me ointments.
Lesson learnt: whenever you sprained your foot, do put an ice pack immediately and do not massage the area hokey! 

I didn't go to office on Friday but work from home instead. To be honest, I was not motivated at all to work as I was very devastated thinking about KiKi. I wish it was only a dream and until today both of us are still upset. We never lost hope to search for her by posting info on the Internet, spread posters and even seek help from Allah the Almighty. We believed His blessings may create miracle and who knows KiKi could find her way home if she managed to escape? KiKi is a smart cat and we know she also misses us :-(

On the other hand, preparations for our lil guy must be done within this week too. Nothing much left and I managed washing his clothes and napkins on Friday. 
Planned to complete buying his items today. We still need blankets, a hat, another set of mittens and booties, pillow set and a plastic basin for bathing. Hopefully I didn't miss out any other important item. Due to hot weather, we might also need to have another fan and tonight I will get Amway's post natal set, bought from a friend. I feel sorry for our baby though because his Mama is very upset and sometimes I do feel like I'm neglecting him. Just hang in there baby... another month to go and you'll see this world. Mama and Papa will take care of you and love you as much as we can.

Above all, I couldn't go through all these without hubby by my side. I feel so sorry for him as he needs to stay strong to support me emotionally and physically although I knew how devastated he is about KiKi. He's the best and I'm blessed to marry such a nice guy. Let us go through all these challanges together and support each other. Thank you so much dear and I really love you with all my heart.

Friday, May 6, 2011

:: kiki saya hilang dicuri :-( ::

Berat hati ini untuk menaip tapi saya akan tetap juga lakukan untuk disimpan dalam memori. Sesuatu yang sungguh tak disangka telah berlaku... Isnin, 02.05.2011 kami telah kehilangan kucing kesayangan kami, KiKi...

Weekend lepas kami balik Seremban, so KiKi terpaksa tinggal semalaman di rumah. Kami balik hari Ahad lewat petang terus ambil dia pergi rumah mertua. Kesian KiKi dah tinggal sorang so kami memang dah plan nak bawa dia jalan-jalan macam biasa esoknya sebab public holiday. Pagi Isnin tu KiKi macam biasa bangun sekali dengan saya. Tengahari kami pun bersiap untuk bawa dia ke Mid Valley. Kami pakaikan baju terbaru yang kami belikan untuk dia, dress merah ada belang putih. Ketat sket baju tu tapi saya tetap nak dia pakai jugak sebab saya memang suka bila KiKi pakai baju yang ada skirt sket... nampak very girly. Dalam kereta macam biasa KiKi kami lepaskan. Hari Isnin tu panas, tengahari pulak tu... kesian dia kepanasan. KiKi memang tak minat travel siang. Dia akan restless dan miau miau, kekadang mulut dia terbukak sikit sebab kepanasan. Kalau travel malam, dia antara duduk atas riba saya atau duduk atas tengah dashboard. Tapi sebab dah panas, first time haritu dia dapat port baru duduk atas handbrake. Duduk je baik-baik sampaila kami tiba Mid Valley.

First time KiKi duduk atas handbrake ni...

Macam biasa KiKi memang dibawa dalam carrier bag yang hubby beli untuk kami bawa KiKi jalan-jalan. KiKi pun memang comfortable dok dalam tu. Sekarang sebab dia dah berat, kami akan dapatkan troli dan letak beg tu dalam troli... senang dan selesa untuk KiKi berehat sebab kalau gantung kat bahu beg akan terhoyong-hayang. Hubby banyak jaga KiKi haritu sebab saya sibuk beli baju dan tengok-tengok barang. Kami makan kat Oasis Food Court, macam biasa bagi KiKi makan sikit apa yang kami makan. Ada ayam dan ikan, tapi KiKi tak nak langsung jamah ayam haritu sebab dia tak berkenan kot. Lepas habis jalan-jalan Mid Valley sampai penat kami pun balik, time tu dah senja. Keluar parking, tengok-tengok hujan yang sangat lebat. Kalau sampai rumah pun susah nak keluar kereta dan masuk rumah sebab terlalu lebat, so saya ajak hubby singgah Sunway Pyramid dulu.

On the way tu KiKi memang behave macam selalu sebab dah sejuk. Saya ambil dia duduk atas riba saya. Diam je dia duduk melekat kat saya sambil mata nak terlelap. Bila sampai parking Sunway Pyramid saya minta hubby ambilkan gambar saya dengan dia... tanpa saya ketahui itu adalah gambar terakhir saya dengan KiKi tersayang :-(

3 gambar terakhir saya dengan KiKi tersayang... 
satu lagi tu masa di Mid Valley KiKi tengah selesa dok dalam beg dia

Kami jumpa troli dan tolak dia sambil jalan-jalan. Singgah makan di A&W kejap, masa tu KiKi sampai terlelap tunggu kami habis makan. Mengantuk dan selesa sangatlah dia tu... pantang berhenti lama mesti nak terlelap je. Lepas habis makan kami pun jalan-jalan dan plan untuk singgah ke Daiso. Masa on the way tu kami dapat tukar troli yang elok sikit. Sampai depan Daiso memang nampak ramai orang. Kami tau Daiso tak boleh bawa pet dan kami pernah kena tegur sekali dulu so sejak tu memang kami tinggalkan KiKi kat cashier untuk dijaga. Memang rasa teragak-agak juga... tapi hubby tanya cashier tu, budak perempuan boleh tak dia tolong jagakan sebab kami tak boleh bawa masuk. Depan dia pun ada sorang lagi cashier lelaki yang tau kami tinggalkan KiKi kat situ. Kami memang beritahu ada kucing dalam beg tu. Dia setuju dan kami pun masuk... 

Sebenarnya hati saya ada sikit berdetik rasa tak sedap tapi saya buat tak tahu je. Selalunya saya memang confident tapi haritu memang saya akui ada sikit rasa tu. Macam biasa, kami pergi ke area belakang untuk tengok kalau-kalau ada baju baru untuk KiKi, tapi takde pun. So hubby pun kata dia nak ke depan dan tinggalkan saya di belakang. Beberapa minit lepas tu saya dapat call dari hubby dan saya memang rasa ada something bad happened sebab kalau tak kenapa perlu hubby call sedangkan saya tau dia pergi mana. Waktu tu 9:07 malam jam di telefon saya dan hubby dengan suara cemas cakap "Yang, ada orang amik KiKi". Berderau darah saya! Saya terus lari ke depan dan tanya cashier. Cashier bodoh tu cakap ada orang ambil troli kami bawa pergi. Katanya "saya dah cakap itu orang punya tapi dia kata dia punya lepas tu dia pergi". Bila saya tanya description orang tu, minah and mamat cashier kata "lelaki melayu pakai baju kelabu". Marah memang marah, tapi saya terus tanya ke mana dia lari dan dia tunjukkan. Hubby memang dah lari sebelum tu lagi dan saya pun terus berlari jugak mencari kat serata tempat sambil sebut "KiKi... KiKi....". Tak dapat saya gambarkan perasaan saya masa tu. Tak peduli dengan perut yang besar ni... saya tetap berlari mencari. Saya tahu memang mustahil untuk jumpa dah orang tu sebab Sunway Pyramid tu besar, orang pun ramai.  Usaha tetap usaha sampai ke sudah dan akhirnya kami berhenti...

Bila jumpa hubby balik, saya terus peluk dia dan menangis. Saya hanya mampu cakap "sampai hati orang tu ambil kucing kita Bee... itu kucing kita." Kami berdua memang sedih yang teramat dan kami pergi balik ke Daiso dan marahkan cashier bodoh yang namanya Tiara dan Awai. Tiara tu perempuan melayu yang kami tinggalkan KiKi di depan dia. Diorang kata customer ramai so diorang memang tak boleh buat apa-apa. Memang kami mengamuk kat situ jugak. Si Tiara tu boleh pulak buat muka emo macam dia kena marah tapi bukan salah dia. Lepas tu kami terus pergi buat aduan pada front desk dan mereka bantu dengan beritahu semua guard. Mungkin dah terlalu lambat sebab pastinya pencuri tu dah lama pergi bawa kucing kesayangan kami.

Hibanya hati ni memang tak terkata. Apatah lagi bila masuk rumah tengok semua barang-barang KiKi macam biasa. Makanan kat depan, tempat tidur pink dia atas katil, mainan kat sana-sini....ya Allah hancurnya hati saya memang tak dapat nak terangkan. Lewat malam tu kami pergi Sunway Pyramid semula untuk tengok-tengok mana tahu si pencuri gila tinggalkan dia kat mana-mana. Lepas tu kami jumpa security dan buat report. Esoknya kami datang balik untuk tengok cctv Daiso dan Sunway Pyramid. Manager Daisor kata ambil masa 2 hari. Sunway minta kami buat report polis dulu so kami pun pergi buat, tapi orang yang jaga cctv meeting pula suruh kami datang esok nya lagi pukul 5 petang.

Kelmarin, hari Rabu kami pergi dan berjaya tengok cctv tu. Lemah semangat saya tengok video tu sebenarnya. Rupa-rupanya si pencuri adalah pakcik cina buncit dalam lingkungan 40 - 50 tahun pakai baju kemeja butang satu di atas terbuka, jam emas dan berseluar panjang. Memang dia tolak troli dan sampai satu tempat dia hanya sandang beg. Malangnya kami tak dapat jejak dia sampai ke kereta atau ke mana sebab ada setengah tempat kameranya berpusing, so ada blind spot. Memang tiada harapan langsung... tapi saya tetap ucapkan terima kasih sangat-sangat pada pihak security Sunway Pyramid yang sudi bantu kami. 

Daiso pun bagi rakaman cctv kedai diorang dan sekali lagi saya terpaksa tengok saat-saat KiKi di ambil pergi. Bila dikaji, si pencuri memang dah perhatikan kami masa kami tinggalkan KiKi kat cashier tu. Bila kami masuk kedai, dia pun masuk juga di belakang saya sikit. Mungkin bila dia nampak kami pergi jauh ke belakang tu yang dia datang semula dan tolak troli kami. Cashier lelaki tu memang tak cakap dan buat apa-apa langsung. Sebelum KiKi dibawa pergi, saya perasan customer yang ada di cashier tunjuk jari ke arah dia... mungkin masa tu KiKi dah mengiau. Tak tahulah apa niat sebenar si gila tu. Rasanya dia tahu dalam beg tu ada kucing dan mungkin dia ingat KiKi special breed dan boleh dijual? Kalau dia memang nak bela kucing, banyak lagi kucing kat tepi jalan yang perlukan kasih sayang boleh dia ambil. Kenapa perlu rampas hak orang lain dan kenapa perlu ambil kebahagiaan kami dan kebahagiaan KiKi? Kejam!

Saat KiKi dibawa pergi. 
Tak mampu untuk saya tengok lagi rakaman cctv ni...
Sampai ke hari ini kami masih tidak berputus asa mencari. Kami post gambarnya di Internet, hubby tampal poster di sekitar Sunway dan saya juga ada menelefon pet shop sekitar kawasan ini kalau-kalau ada orang jual kucing kepada mereka. Sesungguhnya kami tidak pernah berhenti berharap untuk KiKi pulang semula. Walaupun peluangnya tipis tapi mana tahu, dengan kuasa Tuhan dia dapat melarikan diri dan cari jalan pulang. Hubby banyak membaca tentang perihal kucing dan ada beberapa kes miracle yang kucing mereka pulang ke rumah walaupun sudah berbulan dan ada yang bertahun. Setiap hari saya tertanya di mana KiKi sekarang dan bagaimanalah keadaannya. Harapan saya semoga KiKi masih selamat, sihat dan masih ingatkan kami yang sangat merinduinya. Rumah kami terasa sangat kosong tanpa KiKi. Selama ini KiKi memang peneman setia saya. Bila saya bangun pagi dia pun bangun, bila saya nak tidur memang selalunya dia di sisi, bila ke dapur dia akan duduk dan tengok apa saya buat / masak dan walaupun dia leka duduk di pintu tengok pemandangan luar tapi kalau saya bangun ke dapur walau tanpa bunyi pun...dia akan tiba-tiba bangun dan terus ikut saya... begitulah kuatnya bonding kami dan bayangkanlah macamana perasaan saya sekarang bila semua tu dah takde lagi.......


Seperti yang saya selalu cakap padanya, KiKi kucing istimewa. Dia memang pandai. Pandai naik kereta, pandai beritahu bila nak ke toilet, pandai ajak masuk bilik nak tidur dan macam-macam lagi. Sejak saya pregnant memang hubby yang uruskan hal toilet KiKi sampaikan bila hubby balik je kerja dia akan terus mengiau dan tunggu depan pintu toilet. Padahal sebelum tu saya memang duduk je dengan dia tapi dia takde pulak bising nak ke toilet. Lately dia dok syok minum air dari dalam gayung... tak sabar sampai capai-capai tangan mengiau nak minum. KiKi nak minum air fresh je sekarang... kibbles pun dah tak berapa minat nak makan sebab dia tahu Papa kalau bawa balik tapau makanan, mesti ada something untuk dia. Terlalu banyak memori indah kami bersama KiKi dan terlalu panjang untuk disenaraikan.

Orang kata tentu ada hikmah disebalik kejadian. Ya, saya tidak nafikan itu tapi siapa yang boleh menolak kesedihan dan kekosongan di hati? KiKi datang dalam hidup kami hanya untuk 8 bulan, terlalu singkat rasanya untuk dia pergi. Kami masih mampu untuk beri dia kasih sayang yang secukupnya. Tak pernah sekali pun kami rasa terbeban. Yang pasti KiKi banyak membawa perubahan dalam kehidupan kami dan paling significant, hubby yang dulunya tidak berapa minat dengan kucing pun dah jadi pencinta kucing. Tersentuh hati saya bila tengok hubby jaga KiKi. Kalau boleh, kemana pergi pun nak bawa KiKi bersama dan siapa sangka dia akan dibawa lari dalam sekelip mata. Hilang barang boleh diganti, hilang nyawa memang tiada gantinya. Walaupun KiKi hanya kucing biasa tapi saat-saat dan bonding dia dengan kami adalah segalanya.

Semoga KiKi masih selamat berada di luar sana... dan untuk anda yang membaca, harap dapat doakan kesihatan beliau dan semoga dia dapat kembali ke pangkuan kami semula. Kalau-kalau ada yang terjumpa atau ternampak dia di mana-mana, ambillah jaga dia dahulu dan harap dapat beritahu kami ye. Nanti kami datang jemput dia.

KiKi, mama dengan papa sentiasa ingatkan KiKi... kalau boleh balik KiKi balik rumah ye. Rumah KiKi kat sini tau... kami sayang KiKi sangat-sangat! 
:-( :-( :-(

p/s: Terima kasih kepada keluarga & sahabat yang banyak memberi kata-kata semangat. Terima kasih yang tak terhingga untuk suami saya yang sentiasa berada di sisi, memberi semangat dan kekuatan kepada saya..... I love you so much!
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